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Seed Weekend 2013. Part One: Kathy and Gena Reunite Over Dinner!

Posted May 19 2013 11:40pm


Hello all! I’m just finishing up a long and fun weekend at The Seed here in New York. I’m so glad to have caught up with friends and spend some quality time at home tonight with my mom. I’ll have a recap of the event itself for you in a day or two, but tonight I wanted to recap dinner on Friday night with my friend and co-presenter at The Seed, Kathy Patalsky .

Kathy and I met a few years ago at a Dole salad summit, and we have been close friends ever since. At one point, we were both even in DC!


I’m always amazed by Kathy’s tremendous generosity of spirit. With her Veggie Power Girl Series , she draws attention to the work of other bloggers. She’s constantly rounding up wonderful plant-based recipes for her work on Babble –which is also wonderful activism for veganism. She brings vegan food lovers together on Finding Vegan , a food photography site in the vein of Tastespotting or Foodgawker. In other words, when she’s not managing her own wildly successful career as a blogger and photographer, she’s devoting her time to celebrating  and sharing the work of others. I myself have received so much professional support from Kathy since we met–not to mention friendship.

Kathy and I presented a demo this weekend on vegan smoothies. I’m glad I was there to weigh in, but it was Kathy who brought most of the creative power to our duo. And rightly so; Kathy’s first book, 365 Vegan Smoothies, is coming out this summer. It’ll present one nutritious and delicious smoothie for each day of the year, accompanied by gorgeous photos. It’s going to be epic, and it’s available for pre-order now . If you’re a smoothie lover, I highly recommend checking it out, and I’ll be sharing more about the book soon!

Kathy and I haven’t hung out in a long time, so we celebrated Kathy’s touchdown in NYC with dinner at Pure . Imma steal some of Kathy’s photos here, because she’s the professional photographer in this friendship! It was a lovely night to be outside in the garden.


My beautiful dinner date!


And me, happy to see her.


We began with some greens: a kale salad for Kathy and the pumpkin seed and herb salad, which is greens, herbs, and pumpkin seed parm, for me.


Kathy also got a “master cleanse” tini!


Digging into mountains of green:



We were generously also given two samples of the restaurant’s “pinot noir” tarts, which have an amazing fig glaze.


For our meals, Kathy chose the tamales, while I tried something new: the salsify noodles with cashew cream, capers, and some pine nuts. First time trying salsify, and it was delicious! Light yet satisfying.


Kathy had been traveling all day and was excited to dig into the tamales.


It was, as usual, a beautiful and delicious meal. I wanted to point out that a reader recently commented upon my showcasing restaurants like Pure as a wasteful indulgence, and out of keeping with my writing about a student budget. I’m always glad for honest feedback, because it incites more consciousness. I do eat out when I come home, often at upscale places. It’s not a regular habit in my everyday life in D.C., where I eat out very rarely (usually at SweetGreen when I do), and in two and a half years as a post-bacc I packed nearly every single lunch, breakfast, and snack I ate. I go to school with both undergrads and post-baccs, and the latter all have loans, as I do. We all eat out at nice restaurants every now and then, often on trips or weekends away. Some of us will pick up the odd freelance job or increase part time work to cover special indulgences, fine dining and otherwise.

In the next week, I’ll be going to Vida Vegan, and eating out there as a traveler. This weekend, I celebrated being reunited with a close friend. Meals like this are not indicative of my everyday life, either as a student (which will commence after my gap year) or as a self-employed person. But they are a part of my life as a whole. To give you a sense of the whole, I’m always committed to showing you a lot of my DIY foods (snack bars and otherwise!) and simpler recipes as well as some fancy ones. I’m also always learning myself about mindful living; lately, my friend Janae has given me a lot of inspiration about budget-friendly beauty  and food.

Here Kathy and I are together:


It was tough to part ways; Kathy and I could have chatted forever! We always can. We managed to get a Union Square shot before I hopped on the train to go home.


Kathy–in her customarily generous way–shared one of her new Healthy Happy Life tees as a gift. So cute!


You can find all of the designs here . And if you’d like to see more of our collaborations, check out episode 1 and episode 2 of the Kathy Gena show!

More on the Seed weekend throughout this coming week. In the meantime, what’s your favorite HHL recipe? I’m pretty entranced with Kathy’s famous matcha smoothie !


PS. Read Kathy’s recap here .

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