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Scrummy Yummy Choccys and a Hike In The Forest

Posted Apr 07 2010 5:20pm

It's been like a raw chocolate factory around here... it's like this a lot at home too, but wherever I go, I tend to find my way into (and usually take over) the kitchie - in this case, Philip's. Of course there was plenty of trial and error in making the moonie pies = lots of samplers. Besides that I've been working on multiple other sweet projects (which I can't let outta the bag quite yet) so there has been a plethora of extra goodies around! Here are some of the choccies I've been whipping up (gotta have my choccie on a daily basis)...

For all of these I used the Dark Chocolate from  Just Desserts  ebook

Fruit & Nut Clusters - Dark choccie with almonds, goji berries, raisins, cashews, dried strawberries/blueberries 

Choccie Cups with filling... 

...the filling is pistachio butter and honey...

The cups are easier than they look. I coated the inside of mini silicone cups a few times to create a thick shell. Once coated I chilled them in the freezer for just a few minutes to harden. I then spooned the filling (above: raw pistachio butter with a dollop of honey) into the center, and spread more melted choccie on top. A hazelnut made a nice garnish on the top (a pistachio would have been nice but I didn't have one... any nut works... there's a cashew on a cup in the back that is filled with a chocolate cream. You can make these with any nut butters - I really love pecan or almond butter too, mixed with a little sweetener.

Hemp Butter/Honey Chocolate Cups

If you're not up for making filled choccie cups (it does take a few extra minutes to coat the cups a few times/chill, fill, etc), you can make Solid Choccie Cups!

These are Orange Goji Berry Nut Cups: Dark chocolate  with a few drops of orange essential oil, mixed with gojis and almonds, spooned into the silicone cups. Let chill and voila! The other ones in the pic are Mint Nut Chip: choc with mint essential oil, cacao nibs, and cashews.

Onto a different note, the weather has been amazing here lately! Philip and I took full advantage, with a hike through the forest last weekend. It was so nice to see an open lake again (would you believe that mine at home is still frozen - but luckily in the process of melting).

I couldn't resist climbing up the trees and striking a little yoga/gymnastics pose. 

Open lake... Reminds me of home!

It's supposed to be 31C (88F) here tomorrow, so we'll be venturing out for another hike and I am so excited! I hope you're enjoying some warm weather too!
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