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Sample Raw Food Menu Plan

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:00pm

I get a lot of requests for examples of menu plans, but to be honest, I haven't found many good ones out there. One menu plan that I do often refer people to is one put together by David Wolfe in the Sun Food Diet Success System.

Up until a few months ago this menu plan was feature on But thanks to, I was able to find a copy.

Its a bit detailed (starting off with guidelines), and slightly old school, but at least it gives a person who has no idea what to eat a place to start.

The Sunfood Diet Weekly
Guideline and Menu Plan
Copyright 1998 Nature's First Law


Green-Leafy Vegetables, Fruits, and Fats:

A fruit is any natural food containing seeds (e.g. tomato is a fruit, cucumber is a fruit). Eat fruits with seeds (avoid seedless hybrid fruit).

All types of vegetables are great, however, preference should be given to green-leafed vegetables. Avoid hybrid vegetables (i.e. carrots, beets, potatoes).

All types of raw plant foods which contain fats help transition over from cooked foods to The Raw-Food Diet. They fill you up and satiate your hunger. These include avocados, olives, coconuts, nuts, seeds, etc.

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