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Sam's Story

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:58pm

Samrosenrawfood_2 Editor's Note: Sam is a youth entrepreneur and a recent grad from the University of Pennsylvania. He's been a great friend to many WLIR Squad members and an inspiration too. His passion and ability to communicate the message of "one-ness" that connects all is deep. I asked Sam to write a little bit about that one-ness and his relationship with food.

My Story
by Sam Rosen

I am staring at my computer screen, wondering where to begin a story on my journey of health. Wondering, because so much of my life has revolved around health—or, more appropriately, the lack thereof. I remember, as a child, not being able to finish a mile lap because of stomach pains; eating chocolate ice cream because everyone else was doing it, not because I could digest the stuff; and later in life, feeling unusually, and embarrassingly, nauseous after just a few sips of alcohol.

I should stop my laundry list of childhood and adolescent complaints there, else I may fall into a story of “woe is me.” It is, after all, far too easy to describe this journey as the victim, rather than the victor. I have come to the point in my own development where I no longer give myself permission to use any lack of optimal health as an excuse, a crutch, a method of avoidance; no, I am functional enough to, as my spiritual teacher would say, face everything and avoiding nothing.

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