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Reflecting Upon Your Achievements in 2009

Posted Dec 30 2009 5:16pm

What a day!

A bit about my day:
I spent the whole day working with some new business partners and I’m so excited about what’s coming in the new year. I’ll limit the self-indulgent chatter and just say that if you’d like to learn more about the live events and workshops I’ll be organizing in Montreal, you can check out the Crudessence website. In the meantime, you can check out the view from the loft where I’ll be teaching in these pictures I’ve included.

Last night I managed to work up a bit of a fever—still processing those mashed potatoes, it seems. By necessity, I was on lemon water and kombucha for the day.

When I came into the office this morning I was met with smiling faces and a familiar glowing granola energy. At lunchtime the kitchen staff put out a big spread of salads, sauces, pâtés and treats. It was amazing to be at a staff meeting where EVERYONE was eating raw food.
During the lunch hour, I got to chatting with a few of the other girls and was so reassured to hear some of the foods they’d eaten over the holidays, that I actually burst out laughing. Knowing that my friends chose to eat macaroni dinners and microwaved carrots rather than upset, annoy or irritate their families at Christmas time was touching and reassuring.

At one point during the lunch hour, the new head chef (who is not a raw foodist, but is a trained chef) presented a tray of cookies. They were COOKies, with milk, flour and eggs, but they were made with love. EVERYONE on staff took one or two out of gratitude for the offering. I was on liquids only, but was moved to see people put aside their food obsessions to partake of a special offering.

About the 21-day challenge:
So, let’s talk about what’s going to happen over the coming days and weeks.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! Wow. Another year whips by and here you are wondering how it all happened so quickly.

I think the first thing for us to do is a proper review of the year. There’s no need to make any of these tasks long or complicated. As you’re reading these notes, get things done.  Even if you just take a few moments and scribble some thoughts in an old notepad, it’s better than not doing anything at all. It is important to put things in writing. Taking ideas from thought to paper is a powerful process.

What were the biggest things you accomplished this year? Take the time and reflect back on the last 12 months. If you have to pull out a calendar, do it. Now is the time to celebrate the things you did well and honor your achievements and improvements in 2009. Before we take the time to set new targets and resolutions, let’s validate all that went well and all we did successfully.

Months slip through the sands of time rather quickly. Take a few moments to recall where you were last new year’s eve. Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing? What did you hope to achieve for yourself in this last year? What can you validate yourself for having achieved and accomplished? What can you celebrate about 2009?

Put your focus on the things you want to create more of. There may have been some rough months and rocky roads, but you got through them and are stronger for it. Honor what you did well, so that you feel inspired and empowered.  Scan briefly the months of the year and just jot down a few of the key points, events, realisations that stand out for you looking back:

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

Tomorrow and over the rest of the weeks, we will be more focused on creating targets and objectives for the New Year. Now is the time to review, celebrate, validate all that happened in 2009.

We wouldn’t be raw divas if we didn’t have our interests strongly grounded in food and nutrition. So let’s talk about some of what we can accomplish for ourselves over the course of our 21-Day Challenge.

One of the things that I’ve noticed (having worked with nearly 30,000 women around the world) is that extreme fasting, juice feasting and water fasting can be very difficult to bounce back from and often results in bingeing or even WORSE dietary habits after the fact. For the purposes of this 21-Day Challenge I’m going to recommend a slow and steady route to getting back on track. Rather than put our attention on all the things we should be avoiding, let’s focus on what we can be adding.

Salt is my major addiction, and the more I try to tell myself NOT to eat it, the more I feel compelled to eat it and find it everywhere I look. Whatever it is you are wanting to “avoid” focus on its opposite or a healthy alternative. For me, focusing on a lot of celery, tomatoes and mineral-rich greens is key to liberating me from my salt addiction. Telling myself to avoid salt does NOT work. Another thing that makes a big difference is drinking enough water. Chances are, no matter what you’re eating, you’re probably not drinking enough water.

They say it takes 21-days to develop a new habit. Spend some time thinking about the healthy habits you’d like to adopt for yourself. As we go through the process of setting our resolutions, objectives and targets for the New Year, I highly recommend you post them in the comments section of the blog. What a powerful way to share them, hold yourself accountable and inspire others at the same time!

In my next post I’ll cover a few objectives for food-related targets that might inspire you over the 21-Day Challenge ahead. I’ll also let you know how our New Year’s resolution and objectives will play themselves out over the weeks to come. We’ll be looking at about 10-12 specific areas of your life and setting ideal targets, short terms goals and action steps! Often we have a nasty habit of setting resolutions out of guilt for what went wrong last year and while feeling bloated for having eaten too much over the holidays! Let’s stay focused on the good stuff so we can create more of the same.

Since we’re “Raw Divas” and most of what we do is centered around food and diet, I recommend you at least articulate the food related objectives that you’re ready to start implementing when January 1 hits. What healthy habit would you like to implement in your life? For me, it’s making green juices. I would say I will be avoiding salt, but as I mentioned, that’s not been working so well. I’m going to be VERY careful about focusing on what I want to do MORE of. Adding more greens is where it’s at for me right now. :-) I admit, the temptation to restrict fat, throw myself into a juice fast or hard-core regime is strong, but I’m convinced that slow and steady will help me win the race this year.

Okay, my dear. I’ve made this long enough and am off to prepare myself a green juice and something to eat. Wishing you a night of inspiring reflection and projection about the good things to come.



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