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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle: 5 Interesting Ways To Put The 3Rs’s Into Your WoRRRld!

Posted Jul 12 2012 1:30pm
Written by Rachelle Fordyce on July 12, 2012 – -

by Kristen Hayton

Do you want to recycle but don’t always know where or how to do it?

We all know how to recycle paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic, but how about some other items in your house?

Here are some ideas to help you reuse or recylce some odds and ends you might not have thought about before!

Take or mail your old eyeglasses to such charities as Lions International.

Call (800)CLEANUP to find a drop off center.

Envelopes with those plastic windows can be recycle with regular paper.

Goldenrod envelopes and padded envelopes are not recyclable at regular paper recycle centers.  You can, however, send them to Tyvek Recycle 2400 Elliham Ave. #A Richmond VA 23237 or call 866-338-9835.
(They do not take the bubble wrap envelopes.)

Check with your local sports clubs — Most are happy to take used equipment to reuse and to give to players.

Another idea is to give your equipment to  They are based in California.,,  and are 3 other great sites where you can hook up with nonprofit organizations in need of various supplies.

Are your shoes to old and worn out to give to a resale charity?  Donate your shoes to Reuse-A-Shoe.  This is a program sponsored by Nike.

You can find them at  They accept old sneakers and recycle them into playgrounds and courts.

They accept any brand of shoe. is a company which offers machines to re-pressurize tennis balls to put them back in working order again. It is a great idea for your local country club or sports center.

If your local tennis club does not have one, go to and find a location nearby to recharge those tennis balls.

So before you throw that random item away, think again.  There is probably someone who would love to make use of it!

Your home is a reflection of your life and your thoughts. If you’ve got excess clutter, unorganized files, incomplete projects, etc. these are weighing you down literally and physically!  Most people don’t realize that if you feel:

  • tired, lethargic, and depressed
  • out of control and struggle to concentrate or focus
  • seem to stuck in domestic disputes more than usual
  • your confidence and self-esteem are at an all time low
  • struggle to make clear decisions easily

It could all be because of an excess of clutter!!

With Body Enlightenment, we get you to step off the scales and step into life!

When you put your attention on the other areas of life where you’re “carrying an extra load,” your physical weight, excess worries, stress, arguments and cluttered thoughts will all clear up without effort!

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