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Redesign Your Life – Virtually!

Posted Feb 12 2014 9:16am

by Tera Warner


That’s how often an ad from cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, weight loss industry, fashion, food, cars, and unnecessary kitch comes hurling itself toward you EVERY DAY!

And in the fluff of all that nicely photo shopped stuff you may have overlooked the fact that those flashy ads and billboards were paid for by someone. But they didn’t pay for that flash ad to make you feel good or show off their glitter factor.

If you can put enough attention on what people should fix, what’s wrong with them, what they can’t do, what they don’t know, what’s wrong with their thigh size or hairdo, and how much they do not measure up, then you have a perfect architecture of insecurity within which shopping sprees run rampant!

And in the barrage of big voices all boldly proclaiming their opinions about which supplement to swallow, which pill to pop, how much hair to chop, who to trust, how to spend, what to eat, where to sleep and what fibers your underwear should be composed of, then an important, but quiet voice risks drowing out and going unnoticed.


one-voice225x190I know everyone’s got an opinion about who and how you should be, but today for whatever it’s worth, I wanted to stop and remind you that the ONE voice you should be listening to…

…is yours.

You know what to do.

You’ve always known what to do.

Take a walk. Get space. Stop thinking so much and start knowing a lot more. You can’t see when you’re too close to your own mess, so today see if you can find a way to remind yourself that the best asset you’ve got, your key player, number one ally in life and cosmically qualified spiritual guidance counselor is you.

Cool huh! ;-)

Love and laser beams,

p.s. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost yourself and need to get back on track, you might like to try your luck at squeeeezing into one of the last spots of our Virtual Lifestyle Design retreat. The preparation week starts today and so you can still grab one of the spots if you hurry!

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