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[Recipe] Melissa Mango's Cherry Fig Cereal (Nut-Free)

Posted Oct 01 2010 1:02pm


Cherry Fig Cereal (Nut-Free) by Melissa Mango

Serves 4

Cereal Ingredients

  • 4 c black mission figs, chopped
    1 Fuji apple, fine dice
    1 c ripe cherries, chopped (1/2 c chopped dry will do)
    1 c large coconut, ribbon. Small flakes will do.
    ¼ c Goji berries, soaked till soft. drained
    4 tb chia seeds placed in 12 tb water or milk. Set aside for 10 minutes.
    Cinnamon to taste (apx 1-2 tsp)
    Tiny pinch of pink salt

Cereal Directions

Serve yourself a nice bowl or cup and cover with milk. Who says cereal has to be dry or take days to dehydrate?

Recipe Variation

For added crunch or substance to this cereal, you may add: ¼ c cacao nibs, 1 c hemp seeds or 1 c already soaked seeds and chopped nuts of choice.

Choosing figs: When choosing fresh figs for your food preparation, be sure they have a nice dark black-purple ish color. The tip should no longer be green and they should be soft when you gently squeeze on them. Inside, the fig should be deep red wine in color and smell delicious! Be sure to taste test a few figs before making the dish. This will insure the figs are sweet and edible of course.

Hemp Milk Ingredients

Simple hemp milk makes apx 1/2 liter

1 ½ c hemp seeds
6 c pure water
1 c dates pitted
1 tb vanilla extract

Hemp Milk Directions

Great recipes like these are available in Melissa’s Book Green Cuisine . Nab yourself a paper free e-book here .

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