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Ready for a New Year Breakthrough?

Posted Dec 27 2009 12:00am

Upgrade Have you ever reached a place in your diet, body or life where you felt as if you were stuck, blocked or couldn't go any further or higher?

I know I have, frequently, and it really doesn't feel good - does it?!

Many moons ago I didn't understand what this feeling was all about. In fact, I didn't actually give the feeling a name, I just knew it felt yucky and usually I would revert to an old pattern or behaviour which gave me room to breathe, knowing that I could up my game again if and when I wanted to. Even though reverting didn't feel great, I would use it as an opportunity to remember what feeling yucky looked and felt like and then I'd get excited each time I approached a fresh new start, getting back on raw or cleaning up my act in some other way, and then I would ascend quickly and purposefully reaching once more those amazing and duizzying heights of before and feeling good about myself and life again.

Sound familiar?!

Looking back now, it was as if I was operating within a glass box of my own creation and imagination, with thick walls and limited possibility. Sometimes I would float all the way up to the top (which felt amazing) and sometimes I would bang against a wall or hit the floor with a boring and all too familiar thud and I'd be back at square one again feeling frustrated, like a failure and quite frankly downright miserable. It was a pattern that repeated over and over... until...

One day I finally realised what was going on. I realised that I was operating within "these four walls" - a limiting, fear-based reality of what was possible for me (and my life) created by my mind rather than spirit. So every time I upped my game and started to get excited I would sooner or later hit my head on what I semi-affectionately refer to as "the invisible ceiling" - and what I came to see eventually was that I had the chance to either crack my head and fall back down to the floor with a bump or move to a whole different level.

You see, whether we realise it or not, we each have an invisible ceiling, and every time we reach it, it's our opportunity to BREAK THROUGH to a completely new dimension, one that looks and feels like a light year away from that where we operated from before - and it's awesome! It was realising this and constantly pushing forward through that ceiling that has enabled me to keep moving forward in my life and transforming in the most awe-inspiring ways.

To elaborate on my earlier example: Way back at the start of my raw food journey I used to alternate between days or weeks of super-healthy high raw eating (where I looked and felt amazing) and then I'd go through a few weeks of eating "not too bad" food, but it mostly wasn't raw, and I knew pretty much right away that everything I held dear to me on my raw food journey was slowly but surely falling away. I felt my energy drop, my positivity fade, my skin lost its glow, my eyes lost their sparkle and overall a slow but sure feeling of "bleugh" and heaviness started to envelop me on every level. Not fun.

Looking back I see clearly now that backwards was the only way I really could go. Why? Because in my high-raw high I felt that was as good as it could get, that there wasn't anywhere else for me to go (as far as I was aware), and so, because we ALL need movement, the only way to go was down. Sounds crazy saying it out loud doesn't it? But think about it for a moment... have you ever "self-sabotaged" and never really understood why? Perhaps herein lays your answer... Perhaps you were ready and able to move forward on some deeper level but hadn't charted for yourself a higher, more exciting path because unbeknown to you you'd hit that invisible ceiling and you didn't believe or know that there were other places for you to go.

Well, trust me, there are!

As far as raw food's concerned, it was when I got to the point where I wanted to change my life in big ways that I realised there were PLENTY of exciting places for me to go with my diet, body and life that I hadn't even touched on yet. When I finally realised this and the new paths opened up and became clear and compelling to me, it made my high raw diet and lifestyle look almost "tame" in comparison! Funny how perspective changes EVERYTHING.

However, don't fall into the trap of thinking that the invisible ceiling phenomenon is for newbies only - quite the opposite. When your body, diet and life are light years away from where you started and you're leaner/ faster/ smarter/ sexier/ more switched on than you've ever been in your life, it's just as easy for those invisible ceilings to appear - and quickly too - because most of the people around you are standing both feet firmly on the ground and you're sky high thinking, "There's probably nowhere else for me to go...and now I'm further away from my peers than I've ever been..." and the next thing you know it's tempting or almost a given to do something, consciously or otherwise, that brings you down to earth so you don't feel too different or even, surprisingly, what you might see as being out of your *own* league or possibility.

I can't tell you how many times that invisible ceiling has forced me back down to the ground over my raw food and personal development journey. The amount of times I have thought, "This is as far as it goes" and then found myself doing something self-debilitating, I dread to think, BUT the good news is that once I realised this phenomenon existed AND consciously pushed through the other side I came to realise that the invisible ceiling, rather than being made from thick heavy glass, is rather more much like the most ethereal translucent tissue paper that challenges us to move through it powerfully, enthusiastically and purposefully and with the highest and most fearless heart we can muster - but lightly. On the other side always, but always, lays some kind of wonderful greeting, an incredible new horizon or a stunning miracle. Life is so ironic yet ultimately beautiful don't you find?

So, if you're at a point in your own life right now where you feel stuck or isolated, and wonder if lightening your load is really worth the perceived effort, especially if you feel as if your life is a glass box that you can never be free from, I invite you to consider that that box may not be as tough or as real as you may have perceived it, and with just one heartfelt purposeful "I know my life can be better than this" commitment and push forward you too can find yourself standing on the other side realizing that glass was simply tissue paper in disguise.

© 2009 Karen Knowler WOULD YOU LIKE TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR ON YOUR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach publishes "Successfully Raw" - a free weekly eZine for raw food lovers everywhere. If you're ready to look good, feel great and create a raw life you love get your FREE tips, tools and recipes now at .

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PS: I've been ruminating a lot recently around the importance of finding or creating an inspiring mentor who will help guide you through these previously self-imposed limitations. I wrote a powerful article about this last year, so if you're ready to be inspired to break through your own invisible ceiling this article may well give you one of the most potent tools with which to do it. Happy busting!

PPS: If you're ready to take your life and raw food journey to greater heights and aren't sure how to do that, you might want to check out my two life-changing group coaching programs launching in January >>

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