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Reader Question: What about Organic Spinach?

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:26pm

Tim asks: I bought some spinach a few days ago. Some from a local organic farmer and the rest from a national organic manufacturer. What are your thoughts? Are they safe to eat?

WLIR Responds: Well Tim, early reports highlighted that both organic and commercial spinach supplied by Natural Selection Foods was contaminated. But more recent studies have found that only commercial / non-organic spinach is at the source of the e.coli outbreak.

One of the major labels that receives organic spinach from Natural Selection Foods is Earthbound Farms. A recent posting on Earthbound Farm's website confirms that their spinach is not linked to the outbreak, however the FDA is still recommending that consumers avoid eating spinach:

Based on our work with the US Food & Drug Administration and the California Department of Health Services, we have confirmed that no organic products of any kind, including Earthbound Farm spinach or other products, have been linked to this outbreak at this time.

So far organic spinach looks like its in the clear. We'd probably get sued if we told you to eat it, so we won't. Rather, use your judgment and stay safe. Our editors hate spinach anyway, so we'd probably use this as an excuse to throw it out! ; )

We would recommend, however, staying away from all spinach (both organic and commercial) from national groceries such as Acme, Safeway, Super Fresh, Shoprite, Walmart and so on. Getting organic produce from your local co-op vs getting organic produce at a national grocery, (minus Whole Foods) is not the same thing.

Good luck Tim and keep eating those greens, but maybe a nice kale salad instead.


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