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Raw, Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey + Pumpkin

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:02pm

Just stopping by? Have you tried my coconut peanut butter honey overnight oats yet? Or maybe you’d like to try your hand at my  chocolate-covered raisin hemp balls or raw tuna fish-less salad.  And you simply HAVE to try my latest, simple creation: Coconut Peanut Butter Cream. YUM!


Hello! How’s your day going? Mine is fantabulous so far. Mr. Sunshine is visiting today. How very kind of him – yay! :-)

Anyway, a while back, Danica from hosted The Great Pumpkin Giveaway. I entered. There were THREE winners – and I was one of ‘em! 

My Package from Danica

pumpkin butter, pumpkin spice granola, recipe, giveaway

I love that she sent her (nicely typed) recipe and a beautiful, kind letter. Thank you, Danica! I love my prize – and all the thought you put into it!

Trader Joe's pumpkin butter, giveaway winner









Trader Joe's pumpkin butter, up close








  pumpkin butter, Trader Joe's 2









blueberry pancakes, pumpkin butter


The pumpkin butter was put to good use right away. The family had it smeared on pancakes. I’m trying to avoid those, so I swiped a spoonful straight from the jar. *giggles*

I have to say this, though: Trader Joe’s has nothing on my mom’s homemade pumpkin butter! (But, I could be a tad bit bias.) ;-)


Turkey Day

A lot of you are wondering if I’ll eat turkey on Thanksgiving. I’ve received emails and messages and questions on social media sites.

The answer is no.


There have been times over the past few years that I’ve allowed a little fish or turkey into my diet. I’ve been at minimum 75% raw and the majority of the time, I’m 90-100% raw most every day.

But after studying meat and fish for articles I’ve written (and for personal curiosity) and coming across such heartfelt, informative articles (such as Gena’s Reconsidering Veganism at ThanksLIVING at Choosing Raw ) I’ve found it very easy to reevaluate my level of Raw Foodism and have really thrown myself into focusing on raw food, my health, and am working very, very hard to learn to be at peace with others’ perception of the way I choose to eat. Gena’s article really resonated deeply within my soul and I thank her ( from the bottom of my heart ) for sharing that beautifully written post – and for all the effort she pours into her entire site. (Thank you, Gena!!)


Here a Turkey, There a Turkey

I thought I’d start by showing you my pet turkeys: Gobbles and Goblet.

turkey, pets, Amish farm









  turkey, pet  









  turkeys, Amish farm










How could I eat Gobbles or Goblet? Nope. Not happening!


What Will this Raw Vegan Eat?

Honestly? I don’t know yet! I’ve searched my heart (and raw, Vegan recipes!) and have decided that I’m simply not going to worry about it. The holidays are a time to come together with precious friends and family and laugh, talk, catch up, and just be. It’s a time to reflect on grandparents, parents, siblings, or other relatives and friends who are no longer with us – an opportunity to cherish all those memories that we hold deep in our hearts.

Thanksgiving is about forgetting about material possessions and being thankful for all those things that have nothing to do with food, things that money can’t buy – like hugs, kisses, laughter, joy, and sparkles in the eyes of those you love.

Sure, I’m thinking of making a raw pecan dessert. And maybe a raw coconut cream pie dessert. I’ll probably just have a ginormous salad with a few nuts and other yummy toppings. I might nab a bite of momma’s sweet potato casserole….

But overall, I’m pleased to just be entering this Thanksgiving with a purpose: to enjoy my family and friends and just be in the moment.

I will try to take photos and document what I eat, though – I’ll blog about it later. :-D

If you’re super interested in a true raw, Vegan Thanksgiving menu, check out Gena’s. It RAWks! Averie’s raw, Vegan ideas are RAWkin’ too!

I’m Thankful For

  1. my faith
  2. my heritage
  3. two living parents who’ve been together for close to 40 years*
  4. a warm, cozy home
  5. family and friends
  6. the best brother in the world
  7. that I’ve maintained a 100+ weight loss for a few years now
  8. that I survived domestic violence and can be an inspiration to others, that they can too
  9. for blog readers who are so encouraging, inspiring, sweet, and loyal
  10. for another Thanksgiving to reflect on memories and cherish the new ones
  11. and soooooooooooooo much more!!!!


What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Will you be traveling? Or, is family and friends traveling to your house? Will you be preparing a turkey? Even if you aren’t going to eat it? Are you stressing over food, or like me, are you just feeling blessed to have special people to spend the day with?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


turkey, pets, Amish farm  

Stay safe, laugh often, and enjoy the moment!!!!

*I meant to write living, not loving – although they are! :-D

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