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Posted Apr 11 2009 12:35am 2 Comments

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The cute discussion at Give It To Me Raw has inspired me to write this post.


Some time ago I met this nice Polish girl who emails me since then quiet often to ask  about raw vegan boys.Where to find them, how is it to be in raw vegan relationship and why can’t she find a raw vegan boyfriend.
I am not sure if I am the one who should answer these questions, but what I know is that she has a problem with being in relationship with not raw vegan boy.
Of course her problem is harder to solve, because Poland is a bit behind the raw vegan culture which is happening happily in USA.

Based on an amazingly entertaining discussion on GTMR, which topic is : ” Dating..married ” I found that my Polish girl is not alone in her needs.

I always thought that eating habits of my boy are not so important till I started being vegan.

Being vegetarian didn’t necessary influence my life and food choices. All I was doing on vegetarian diet was avoiding meat , without looking closer at what to add to nourish my body.

Since I went vegan, my knowledge about WHAT IS HEALTHY exploded and instead of thinking how to get rid of eggs + Cheeses + mayo ( favorite vegetarian sandwich ), I have been focusing on ADDING superfoods and making some nice nut pattes that I could eat like cheeses.
That is why I have never had cravings.

On the other hand, my relationships with people changed.
I knew that going to the party is less than important and all I wanted to do that time was listen to all the downloads about raw food lifestyle.

I started staring at people eating meat or dairy in restaurants and felt like screaming : DON’T!
I quit my day job at restaurant, because I couldn’t handle the food itself and parents feeding their children with bacon as well.

And I met raw vegan boy.

Before meeting THIS particular raw vegan boy, I was in other relationship that was changing its shape on raw food lifestyle.
The boy was pretty heavy meat eater at the beginning of our relationship, and I was vegetarian with a crash on seafood ( hidden crashes on fish ).
Our kitchen activities were not in a contrary to each other, because - as I see it now - there was no higher need to be at the peak of nourishment.

Before I went vegan and then raw I did 8 day water fast and found it very difficult, for my boy didn’t support me at the beginning.
When actual Raw Vegan approach showed up in my life, I started feeling some what discouraged, because of all the cooked meals my boy was preparing.
The smell,  the grease in the sink, the fog of boiling water or whatever; all that disturbed me and as I think now I suddenly became

Raw Vegan Pissed off Girl on Fire.
Sorry to you, my boy.

As I look back at how I evolved in my wants and needs, I see that being vegan ( not necessary raw vegan ) made me very very uncomfortable with living a life next to/ with non-vegan boy.
I see raw style of life as an expansion and extension of veganism. It can happen overnight and can unhappen overnight as well.
But, as one goes vegan, there is 99 % possibility that one will stay on this path.

Some people think that eating habits can’t influence their relationship choices.
And I agree with this as long as  we look at the diet as diet only, meaning –>  food choices one makes.
But choosing to be vegan, raw vegan goes beyond just food choices. All life decisions are now influenced by this lifestyle. All activities and thoughts.


What could happen to raw vegan girl whose fridge is full of eggs and chicken legs that her boyfriend adores ?
Could she go back to previous, not vegan diet if she was heavy meat eater before ?
What if she wants to stay vegan , but she always loved this small chicken tights and the reason she doesn’t eat them is a health reason, but the echo of some addictions still can be heard..
Could our vegan girl brake her goals because of her boyfriend’s fridge ?

I guess It is very possible.

Some people’s health goals can go as far as staying away from particular products, but also particular addictions. By not having these bad guys at home one is save to not touch them at all.

I personally find meat eaters not attractive at all.
I can’t imagine myself kissing the guy with muscle particles of some poor baby cow between his teeth. Sorry.

And telling the truth I didn’t have this heavy feeling when I was just vegetarian.


When I met my today husband, he was raw vegan already.
I came to his office, opened the freezer and all I saw was bottles and bottles of E3Live.
I felt in love with his freezer before I felt in love with Him…
But this instant feeling of understanding his approach to health happened and I knew that this must be the guy who spends his money on gaining his peak health performance.

Now, since we are raw vegan married couple, we :

  • share membership websites that are related to raw food nutrition ( theBestDayEver )
  • go to raw food seminars and health related talks
  • shop at local farmers markets
  • prepare food together
  • when one of us places superfood order we both know that it suits both of us
  • share library
  • when I read one book, he might read the other, then we talk about them and this way we save some time
  • can talk about raw food pooooo and enemas without shame ;-)
  • are excited about same things all the time

I always thought that it would be cool to be in relationship with somebody who is different then me, has different hobbies, whose inspiration comes from other then mine sources.
And I have noticed that it is very stimulating at the beginning of girl-boy connection.
But, after a while two people are getting sick of explaining themselves.
One wants to stay home and read ( her hobby ), the other wants to party ( his hobby).
And so on.

I am sure that life is more excited when her thrill is growing along with his excitement.
The library grows faster because we both buy same topic books.
The fridge stays green, because we both love to juice.
The cosmetic shelf contains only eco green products, because we both love them.
He  makes us thai soup, I make my chocolate mousse.
He knows how to spice up, I know how to sweat it up.

And the sex feels awesome.

The list goes on and on.

The choice is always yours. I have seen great relationship between meat eater and raw vegan.

All I know is that being raw vegan does mean more then how it sounds.

If you are looking for your other RV part, take a look here :

Give It To Me Raw

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Eat Rawfood

SunFood Personals


Marta aka Rawvolta is the founding editor of RawFoodTip. To stay informed about the best raw food choices raw food gossips sign up to Rawvolta’s RSS feed. It will deliver this blog to your email daily! Don’t Miss The Tip!

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The clean pure delicious sexual energy and appreciation for celebrating the body completely and unabashedly is next to impossible with anyone who does not eat clean. I used to think that I was "clean" when I ate cooked food. Ha. Then I thought I was "Clean" when I went vegan over 25 years ago. Ha ha. Then.. I really felt clean when I went raw over 12 years ago. Ha ha ha! So, when my health, fitness & libido diet evolved two years into low fat raw vegan two years ago.. I was astounded at how "dirty" I had been all along. NOW THIS is sexy! Trouble is, few women to share it with! Of course, it all boils down to whether one desires to spend the time and effort "guiding" and "loving" the other person, since I have met few people who do NOT want to improve their lives to this fantastic extent. So, as the luster of libido has increased exponentially for me, what is "ironic" is that I am now only interested in women that TRULY move me in all ways, not just "physical hotness" (although that is soooo important, otherwise there is no "chemistry" of course....) . But this whole process narrows the "playing field" quite a bit.. as it should.....

Awesome! You're absolutely right about dating with the differences a vegan and non-vegan may have... It can get tough because eating this way is more than just what you put in your mouth. Going raw affects so much as well!

I'm glad you found your other half! I can't wait til I find mine out there. ;)


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