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Raw Newbie... Where do I begin?

Posted by AdonyaWong

PETA has definitely done their job where I'm concerned.  The horrific videos of animal abuse have captured me from the dark side.

 Now, I'm wondering how in the world I go raw.  Do I only eat salads?  Is nothing cooked?

 Please help!

Thanks so much!


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Your not alone, cruelty to any kind of animal would make you think twice! As a Nutritionist etc., their are many ways of eating good health meals! You dont have to just eat raw newbies. Ive have an allegy with cheese, peanuts. But! I can still have a enjoyable pizza every now & again. So I suggest like I did with my shock of my allegies, start with the fish, chicken or eggs and have your veggies or salad added. Their is such a variaty of good nutritional foods to choose from..don't be scare to expore, you will might surprise yourself on the good wholesome foods you have been missing!

I've coacehd so many people through their introduction to raw foods that I compiled ALL the cool techniques, tons of recipes, and a WHOLE lot of education and resources to guide people through a 14 day rw food boot camp.  When you are done- you'll be a pro.

You can eat much more than salads! You can make wraps, soups, sandwhichs and my favorite - desserts. You can make so many things that are raw simply by using a blender, food processor and a knife. Ani Phyo has amazing uncook books which are filled with simple and tasty recipes.

Well, I've got a couple of resources up on my blog, maybe that would be a good way to start. I'm on a break from blogging this week, but if you'd like, I could give you some tips via mail, since I've been in you're situation.

 Check out my blog and send me a mail, I'd love to help you go raw :)


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