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Raw Juices for Eli’s Health: Help a Boy Be Home for the Holidays!

Posted Oct 07 2009 6:01pm

A lot of us take our healthy heart for granted. We get up each morning, go about our day-to-day lives, and don’t even give a thought to how our hearts – or any other part of our bodies – are working properly, allowing us to live carefree and healthy lives.

Eli isn’t as blessed. He’s living with his third heart – and he is still struggling to stay here on this beautiful planet!

heart transplant raw juices

My friend, Mysti, over at Life’s Approbations, actually knows Eli personally.

Following is a snippet of what Mysti knows about Eli’s condition:

“Eli’s second heart came eight months after his birth.  That heart lasted him quite some time, but his body went through late rejection and he was put back on the transplant list and his third heart arrived not-so-long ago.  Along with this heart transplant, Eli has undergone radiation to wipe out his lymph system and help prevent rejection later down the road.  This process has really left Eli not feeling up to par.”

Donation Drive

In her post ( Donation Drive: Three Hearts, One Boy ) Mysti shares why she has taken it upon herself to host a drive focused on raising enough money to purchase a new, eco-friendly juicing machine for Eli.

eco-friendly juicing machine

Mysti is on a mission! She wants to help Eli have the opportunity every child should have, without even giving it a thought – to be home for the holidays.

This fantabulous boy has endured more than one heart transplant and has spent entirely too much time in the hospital, at doctors’ offices, and in various treatments. If his health doesn’t improve; if his immune system is still too weak, he may have to stay in the hospital a lot longer than originally anticipated. And this means he may not get to be home for the holidays. As an adult, I can’t imagine being in the hospital during the holidays. From a child’s point of view…. I can’t even fathom. It’s heartbreaking!

heart transplant children raw juice benefits

This new juicer will allow Eli to enjoy unlimited raw juices that will not only overflow his cup with nutrition and health, but his heart and life with joy and time spent at home, like a boy should be. It’s Mysti’s desire (and my own) that we search our hearts and start thinking about holiday gifts a little early, so that a sweet boy can sit at his family’s table for Thanksgiving fellowship and wake up on Christmas morning in the warmth and comfort of his own bed, in his own room, with his own belongings.

Hope for Health

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I’ve battled for my own health. Raw juices have been instrumental in my healing process, and that’s why I started this site – to share hope and healing through raw foods and juices. What do you say? Let’s help Eli get a new juicer so he can enjoy fresh, raw juices and a stronger immune system.

Visit Mysti’s site and donate if you’d like to be a part of Eli’s journey to new and improved health!

Hopefully, he’ll be fishing again and enjoying the outdoors like he was here….

heart transplant children Eli

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