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Raw Ice Cream Cake Challenge WINNER

Posted May 18 2010 5:37pm
Weeks ago I asked you guys to draw upon your creativity, yet again, to create The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake!  The goal was to come up with your best dream cake using my recipes as a base, with the addition of up to 10 ingredients of your choice. I should have waited until July for the contest, as it's Ice Cream Month, but I just discovered it on the calender.

My excitement built ( just as with the moonie pie challenge ) as entries slowly starting coming in... and then things picked up and submissions zoomed in right up until late Sunday night! If you haven't already,  check out ALL the fabulous cake s. The contest wrapped up with a whopping 29 entries. I was thrilled to hear that you all had a crazy fun time making your cakes - some of you got so into it that you made 2, 4, and even 5 (yes, Nelly did!) cakes. A huge thank you to all of you who made this project such a blast!

As I said in the video, I've judged not only on the creativity of the cakes, but on the blog post, creativity of the new ingredients, and photos. Still, judging is the hardest part. Every cake is creative, beautiful, unique, and I'm sure, divinely delicious too. As a matter of fact, I've gone in circles with this one, checking out some posts  5 and 6 times, when my "numbers" (point system) came out as a tie. Yup, t'was a close competition. I even enlisted the help of my mom this morning, but it didn't make it any easier. Finally, a friend came to the rescue in the final minutes of deciding. Thank you "friend" :)

In the end, the cake that rose above the rest was... drumroll please...

Camille created an extremely gorgeous looking cake, incorporating all kinds of elements. Dense chocolate crust, smooth creamy chocolate ice cream, amaretti cookie crumble, amaretto ice cream with fresh juicy cherry chunks, and a swirling of chocolate and cherry. The cake is garnished with chewy dried cherries, and little amaretti cookies! Her photography is just as stunning as the cake itself, and her blog post had me wanting to fly over for a piece immediately!

Outstanding or what?! See her full post HERE

I've started my prep on the prize. I made grawnola a few days ago, and will be working on the chocolate goodies this week. They'll be there soon enough girl!

In second place...  Kelli's Pear Berry Bliss Ice Cream Cake! 

Her cake is beautiful, and elegant, with a very interesting flavor combo: Blackberry ice cream, pear banana sorbet, blonde crunchies, pear mint sorbet, chocolate ice cream, more blonde crunchies, and a blackberry sauce to finish it off. Her detailed post is outstanding, and her sketch is adorable.

In third place... Aimee's Cookies N Cream Ice Cream Cake!

Her fun cake is a step back into her childhood. A magical swirling of chocolate and vanilla ice creams, with oreo cookies, cacao crunchies, and whipped cream. Yes, every kid's dream - and most adult's too, who have a sweet tooth! Come on, who doesn't want a slice of that?

You'll both receive a copy of my new book as soon as it comes out.

I found the following to be uber creative cake additions ( you can see all the cakes/links HERE )
-Galactic cake party's heart in the middle of the cake - how on earth did they do it?!?!
-Nelly made graham crackers (which look exactly like the real thing!)
-Lori and Michelle added ice cream cones to the top of their cake.
-Molly made her cake in her college dorm room.
-E incorporated orange blossom water into her cake.
-Norka added candied lilacs.
-Jenna made chocolate dipped blonde and cacao biscotti... and Kelli did almond biscotti.

Again, thank you all for participating! I thoroughly enjoyed all your creations and I hope you'll make a few more ice cream cakes during the summer. I look forward to seeing them.

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