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Raw Food Video Roundup

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:58pm

Some entertaining and educational we've been watching recently:

Shazzie on Channel 5 UK
"I don't need to defend super foods. Look at me... I'm 38 and I feel 21." Damn! Does Shazzie know how to handle an interview or what?!

Jason's 14 Day Raw Diet - Part II, Part III
Video blogger Jason tracks his detox progress. The level authenticity in his videos is amazing. More from Jason here. Man, he looks great now.

How to Eat Stinging Nettles by David Wolfe
"How do you pick a stinging Nettle. Well, you do it very carefully." David Wolfe is an animal! That's urban talk for "someone who is awesome".

Arnold on Transitioning to Raw Food
"Don't subtract. Add rather than subtract." Arnold was one of my original raw food mentors. Arnold's Way MySpace Page.

Why Soy Is Not a Health Food

In light of the recent NY Times Article on veganism, WLIR is going to be talking more about soy and the confusion around it as a health food.

Pure Food and Wine Review by Raw Food Media
"Isn't it amazing...not an oven in sight!" Good video. We could do without the sound effects.

Shazzie, the raw food yogini
I wish Shazzie was my yoga teacher! More Shazzie + Yoga

Dennis vanEngelsdorp: The Joy of Bees via Mighty Foods
"In a captivating 20-minutes he celebrates his enthusiasm about bees and examines the most up-to-date theories on Colony Collapse Disorder."


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