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Posted Apr 11 2009 12:35am

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Little I did comparing to Steve Pavlina, but I already see results.
My plan  consists of leaving outside of my menu:
-most fiber

I juice, I use supperfoods, I eat apple, grapefruit.

Yesterday my juicer got bloated and stop juicing before I was ready to quit.
All my sprouts were not juiced so I decided to blend them with all the greens I was able to juice before ( kale, bok choy, spinach, apple, orange, celery, parsley, cilantro ).
In a blender I added :
- ocean grown sunflower sprouts
- 1 Tsp Pure Synegry
- 1 Tsp wheatgrass
- 1 Tsp Tocos
- Goji extract

It seemed like very nice drink.
And I could not drink it. It was too heavy for me. The fiber from sprouts and superfoods did not want to move smoothly through my digestive track.
I simply was full after few sips.
I am not sure why did it happen. My assumption is that the reason is my 1st day of moon day yesterday. I felt already like a water ball.
After getting back home I used nut milk to strain it ( goodbye all the goodies in a fiber! ) and I drank the rest of the juice with pleasure.


No cravings at all. I thought I might want to stick my teeth into my favorite Thai Curry Soup soon or later, because of the fall days, but the weather is so nice to me that I don’t even feel cold.
No coffee cravings that I expected can happen after a summer days of a coffee almost every day ( working hours : 6:00 am - 10:00 pm ).
No salt cravings - I guess my wheatgrass and celery cover everything.
No sugar cravings at all - greens take care of it.
No chocolate cravings - I decide to cut down on cacao anyways and introduce carob instead after my juicing feast.


My face is amazingly moisten! I don’t remember not feeling dryness by the end of the day, or even in the middle of the day. I sprinkle a bit of my own herbal tincture.
No need for make - up. My face is glowing and what I do only  is to cover my terrifying spot I made on a cheek by squeezing small innocent thing, but what I made an inch of a bruise. Looks like I tried to iron my cheek!

No need for…. bra!
I am lucky to have pretty, full, young breasts in 31, but I like to expose them sometimes in nice push-up.
I don’t feel like putting anything on them.
I feel that I need to breath freely.

My head yesterday was a bit foggy, but I put a blame on my moon days.
Also - slight headache is an outcome of it.
Not even one cramp though - before or during.


I feel very calm and quiet.
My husband was listening to  radio yesterday a bit too loud and it made me a little anxious.
I could not stand the complaining of Michael Savage.
By the way - my husband does his own Liver/Gall Bladder cleanse by Dr. JUBB, which helps us both - we are supporting each other.

And what is funny - I’ve just noticed 11 : 11, like Steve Pavlina yesterday!

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