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Raw Food, Raw People, Raw Contest!

Posted Mar 15 2009 4:27pm


Michele L. Tune

Raw Foodists

Ever wondered what a Raw Foodist’s life is like? What they eat? How they prepare it? How they’re able to get enough nutrition? If you’re curious about the raw food lifestyle, or if you’ve been considering going raw yourself–even for a few weeks or months, just to cleanse your body– Raw People is definitely worth checking out!

About is a website focusing on the raw food lifestyle. They emphasize that eating raw is not a diet, but a way of life. There, you’ll find articles such as Raw Reality: A Snapshot of a Weekend in the Life of a Raw Foodist. In this article, Katy Joy Freeman (Author of Raw Abroad and Raw Chef), allows us a sneak peek of what it’s like to live a healthy, raw lifestyle.

Check out the Raw People logo below. Isn’t it beautiful?!

raw people, raw food, health, raw living, raw foodist

To give you an idea of what you might find should you visit Raw People, here’s a list of articles already on the site. They’re also diligently adding new topics.

See, there is a lot of great information available, and new articles are published daily!

I’m a Raw People!!

In January, I was welcomed to the team at Raw People. I’m truly honored to be a part of this amazing site. There aren’t enough fantabulous words to describe working with this wonderful team of health-minded people. They are extremely kind, and are such a blessing in my life! I count it a major blessing to be involved in this healthful, raw project. I have eaten 100% raw for a few months at a time during my health journey. I’ve also juice fasted extensively, which most of you know. So, to be on this Raw Lifestyle team and have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned in my own studies and from my own experiences, as well as glean from the knowledge of the other team members, is just awe-inspiring to me…

So, what do I do on this team? I am a contributing writer and have written on a few different topics: juice fasting, (of course!), raw beauty, raw remedies, and am branching out into other topics to be published soon, like organic gardening and weight loss. You can see everything I’ve written for Raw People so far by visiting my list of articles.

The Community

Come and be a part of the Raw People Community. Learn and grow and share with us!

Raw Tweets

You can also follow Raw People on Twitter! Just foll0w @RawPeople to find out when the latest raw articles are published, news about the raw recipe contest, and more!

Raw Radio

Yes, Raw Radio is coming soon!!!

Radio, Raw Foodist, Raw lifestyle, Raw People

And… an Awesome Contest!

Have an original, raw recipe you’d like to share? Enter it in Raw People’s Recipe Contest to win an amazing prize!


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Have you ever thought of going raw? Have you ever even heard of a “Raw Foodist”? Do you know anyone who eats only raw foods, or mostly raw foods? Perhaps you’ve already visited What are your thoughts about the site and/or eating raw? What’s on your mind? Please share!

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