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RAW FOOD NUTRITION AND ABSTRACT ART. Does raw food nutrition influence your sense and thinking about art? Recent Entries

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:36am

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Does raw food nutrition influence your sense and thinking about art?

I love abstract art. I rather say : I FEEL abstract art finally.

I didn’t have these funny, exciting shivers some time ago.

Before going full on with nutrition, I was more attracted to realistic art. Contemporary mostly.

Since I have changed my lifestyle into powerful raw food nutrition, abstract art makes me feel like I am a child again.

I want to jump, play and yell : Come, people and LOOK!

When I look at the piece of abstract art I like, I can find myself on this bighearted high, that makes everything around me to disappear.

My feet can start walking by themselves, although I’m sitting.

My head rolls to both sides, like I am seeking for somebody to join me.

If my husband is around, I would jump on him and tell this nonsense monologue, rambling and I would pull his hair, so he can feel the intensity as well.

While I’m looking I don’t think about meaning of the piece, I don’t rationalize what I see and I don’t even care about the title. Actually I don’t like titles at all. Why should I connect to the painting through somebody’s words. What I adore is a texture and color, the space between spots, the harmony or disharmony, the little or big mess that puts everything together.

I guess it is all about exceptional balance between small accidents on a canvas that the brain can stand. Not too much, not too little, just enough paint and relationship to different senses the artist have used - that’s what makes everything to sing.

As I said before, I was not this abstract art fellow before raw food nutrition.

Does it mean that by strengthening my connection to the earth ( earthly/body friendly style of life ), my mind or senses are more open to some abstracts? Does it mean that the barrier between us, about which I didn’t even know, disappeared just by removing mucus forming dairy and going full on with spirulina and other goodies?

Might it than mean that dairy/meat eating people or just nutrition deficient rely on shut down senses?

MICHEL KECK, a.k.a. The Raw Artist®

It is time to introduce somebody, to whom I came across yesterday.

“Michel Keck, a.k.a. The Raw Artist®, is a self-taught, abstract painter from the mid-west. While Michel has been creating art in various forms throughout her life it was not until 2003, after having reversed several serious health conditions, that she started creating her art on a full-time basis.

Internally driven, and emotionally charged, Michel’s works have been described as “dark yet uplifting simultaneously”. Explosive abstracts, mixed media collage art, recycled art, spiritual paintings and her intricate and obsessive circle drawings are just some of the styles you will uncover when you delve into the world of The Raw Artist”.

Yesterday, while searching the web about raw foods, I found her website through Shelly from While opening the raw gallery link I was expecting another yummy recipe photos and maybe some flower paintings.

What I saw made my night sleepless.

I am writing about her, because she is an artist and rawfoodist and I love both. I love her abstracts misc. the most and I am sharing my favorite ones here.

You can own her art by making some exchange HERE. You can of course purchase it also.

I offered my Polish translations for everything she would need to translate.

Michel - hear me, please! Let me put a piece of you on my wall!

So - abstract art —> my Love.

Recent Entries

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