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Posted Apr 11 2009 12:36am

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I f you will go to my page called RAW FOOD, you’ll see two ways of summarizing raw foods. One is a quick way, the other more complex, made by David Wolfe, the father of the most empowering goodbye saying : Have The Best Day Ever!
Love it or hate it - it makes you feel well. Don’t resist, fellow pessimist ( accidental rhyme! ).
So, before you go ahead with this article, take a look HERE.
A little bit about this list of goodies :

  • there is plenty to choose from
  • doesn’t sound like the boring : salad - carrot - cabbage list
  • makes us to LEARN ( remind ) about things we haven’t care lately about

The raw food diet/lifestyle is actually totally ignored by press regardless of what they think they know.
And this ignorance is contagious. It spreads all over, crosses the ocean. Maybe there is a metaphor in having a water between Europe and America. People could not travel from one to the other without “washing off” the absurd one absorbs accidently.

Poland and America are so different.

Poland and America are not different at all. They both share challenges.

Somehow yet there is the same resistance in taking care of ourselves by ourselves.
Poland has a free health care and complains constantly.
America doesn’t have a free health care and complains even more.
The reasons are different but same :
“There is NO ONE who takes good care of me”.


” Greens ( lettuce ) won’t heal anything. Greens ( $$$ ) paid for health care will”.

Who has the power to say that raw food lifestyle is good or the best for overall health?
Is it me?
Is it your family doctor?
Is it an article in a magazine ?
Is it a God or the Genesis 1:29: ” And God said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat”.
Is it your mama? Or papa? Fashion ?
Raw Food Book?
Or is it an EXPERIENCE that you and me decide to perform on our own body, preparing ourself for this raw food journey by using the above ones as a guidelines ( mama, papa, books, articles, trials )?

At the beginning the most important and exciting thing for me was the idea of experimenting what works, what doesn’t and where is it going to lead me. And well, no, it is not more dangerous then stepping into pesticide , fungicide, suicide markets or restaurants.
I don’t know what happened to a grown ups who are looking for a freedom TO decide and choose.
We mostly run away from problems, health challenges, weaknesses instead of working them out and looking at the face of a monster without a fear.
That’s what is at the base of asking other people to live our lives.
That’s what’s behind a reason of spending money on drugs instead of superfoods. And who says WHAT is expensive?
Maybe now is an important moment to take a look at the most intimate act we are performing on ourselves few times a day. This small vivisection we all do to our gentle inside. The act of putting in.

I can assure you that when you put spirulina in - you are making money. When you are choosing not to, you are probably spending money at the nearest drugstore.
With every bite you take you are either jumping into a train of a healthy, happy day or into a train where individuals suck on Thumbs before they even start eating.
What sounds more reasonable?

Raw foods heal you if you allow them to do so.
Raw foods heal you and let you grow if you collect all the necessaries : strength, devotion, information and support.
I am sure that without trying you won’t know.

On the other hand I also believe that chickens can heal you from something , but it all depends from what. Pork addiction? Or beef?
That’s what most diets ask you to do, flip the coin and see the other side of same face. It is still mucus and acid, no matter how many legs it has. Yes, anyone is welcome to go ones own path.
It is a matter of stopping, stepping in to, stepping out of or going blind, deaf and speechless. If one finds his own pick performance on a fast food - great. Have more.
But one day just look around and try. Something else. Just TRY. Read and TRY.
And email me in a half a year.

All the best,
International Thinker and Wisegal

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