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Raw-Food is not "it"

Posted Sep 14 2008 8:01pm

One of the challenges that many rawfoodist go through is holding on to the belief that raw-food is " it". Raw-food is not " it".

"It" is the constant thing that one is searching for outside of themselves. "It" is what you tell yourself that, ”Once I obtain this thing, then my life's story will finally work out." "It" is an illusion and mirage of being completed by something external.

The raw-food diet at its best is a vehicle. Vehicles are useful for getting from one experience to the next. For instance - you are tired of experiencing an un-healthy state, you choose to take on a raw-food diet and soon enough you start to experience a different level of health. Beautiful! There is nothing wrong in wanting to experience a different level of health.

The challenge comes when one tries to find themselves in the diet. When one says to themselves, "Once I start eating raw (healthy), then my life will work out." This searching for one's self in something external always leads to some sort of pain. Yo-yoing, cook-food binges, defensive & dogmatic mindsets about the raw-food diet, loneliness, guilt about not eating completely raw, worry about the future - all these states are a directly caused by the initial approach of trying to find yourself in the diet and a search for a greater sense of self identity.

Individuals who succeed long term on a raw-food diet, nutritionally and mentally, have a sense of calmness about their lifestyle. They aren't dogmatic, they don't have the same experience of cravings, they are at ease about other’s choices and they see raw-foods for what it is, a vehicle.

If you've been struggling in your raw-food diet approach, or any aspect of life for that matter, start to notice the mental burden that surrounds the conversations in your head about why things are the way they are. As soon as you become present to the reality that you might be looking for yourself in your life circumstances, in this case your diet, doors of insight will begin to open and letting go of the pain will be effortless.

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