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Posted Apr 11 2009 12:36am

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. memory of a discussion with Jack the other day…

I don’t talk about my habits if I don’t want to.
I don’t talk about raw food if not asked about.
This is a decision I made a while ago, after trying to preach people, who didn’t want to listen about something that doesn’t seem interesting enough for them.      And that’s fine. Perfect!
If I have a feeling like talking about chocolate I  made today , I will just have a conversation with myself. Why not, right?

We all should be aware of  somebody’s personal space.
If there is no place for my choco-story, I will not go there without permission anymore, although it wasn’t like so a while ago.

This story is about raw food discussion I was trying to avoid on this beautiful evening back in September.
Jacek ( Jack ) , you are an incredible guy. I owe you a lot and adore your brain ;-)
I am using our last mini-discussion of some sort to talk about one subject.
Don’t mind me this. It is not personal.

The subject of the discussion is below.

If you watched this video - fine, if not - fine also, because the video was only a cover to pick a little argument.
After listening to this lecture, Jack made a statements :

  • there is no logic in David Wolfe’s presentation
  • David Wolfe is a bad marketer and entrepreneur
  • Raw Food is just another fashion and trend

Obviously Jack got bored and the whole chocolate thing that David is talking about is a bluff.

First of all, I knew that talking about chocolate over and over again might be risky for David Wolfe.

If you watched Rawkathon with Kevin Gianni and David Wolfe you might have noticed that Kevin got a little bit picky..what i simply loved!

Kevin Gianni said to Avocado :
- Let’s don’t talk about chocolate today.

I love what David Wolfe is doing for raw food/life food/pick performance health subject.
Without him we wouldn’t have this massive vegan/vegetarian/living foods/wellness and health attack.
Without him people wouldn’t know that one can cure diabetes in 30 days ( watch the movie below : A MUST!)

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Without his marketing skills we will not know much about Gabriel Cousin, Dr. Mercola, Victoras Kulvinskas and all these amazing, educated teachers.
Without him I could be eating pasta over and over again thinking that because I don’t eat meat I am healthy and my body rocks.

It all brings me to the first statement :
No matter what does it mean ” a good marketer ” , David Wolfe influenced lives of thousand of people, helped them to find different way to approach their health and I am even brave enough to say : and they all got better.

If you saw latest Chocolate Spray/Deodorant made by AXE I truly believe it is a byproduct of David Wolfe’s chocolate marketing.

But what I am aware of also is that everything in an excess might be dangerous.

That is why the whole talk about chocolate fame must quiet for some time.

People started being attached to the words like : raw foodist ( although I use this name also to describe clearly who I am thinking of ) , chocolatier, superfoodist.
Instead of talking about health seriously we started talking about raw food diet as a cool way to spend some time or detoxify.
If we use this rhetoric to just describe a subject - fine. As long as we are really committed to search and find the most healthy way of living.
But if - before even studding the whole nutrition topic, we call ourselves cool names like : rawvolta, without focusing strongly on improving the health, it is possible that we are fooling around with another diet, on  salad this time instead of pasta-marinara.

I know, I’ve been there. I was “ RAWVOLTA ” after my first day of raw. One gets this nice high and wants to belong, I guess.
But on the other side, I don’t like cliche.
I don’t really go to raw food retreats anymore, unless there is bunch of people that I can learn from.

Yes, I love sweat lodges. But this is not my priority to decide if I want spend money for a trip.

This brings me to another subject :


I already wrote a post about it HERE, but let me take another look at this subject.
Is a Raw Food Movement a fashion?

The first thought that comes to my mind is : Is making grills in a basement of the house a fashion? Can we consider seeking an improvement in any area of our life a fashion ?
The whole chicken/pork/egg diet is so far from my interest like raw food diet for Jack, so all I can say is : if something is beyond my reach - it is a some sort of fashion, somebody else’s trend.
Going to steak houses.
Going to chinese restaurants.
Making grill parties. Grilling, grilling and grilling through the summer….to the point when one can not find a grill at the store by the end of August.

This type of having fun doesn’t exist in my world and is almost unrecognizable as FUN.

If fashion is the way people behave and the reasons they stay together in a period of time - everything that is related to the gathering is a fashion.
Is eating the best food ever, the greenest, the purest a trend?
When did it ( the trend ?) start ? I must say : I feel ashamed to even explain this, ask questions - that’s like talking about why we even trying to breath the freshest air.
My health interest started when I was able to make my own decision and when I went vegetarian ( or partially ) and this move was made based on THE KNOWLEDGE I HAD. I was doing MY BEST. I used to love to party - unfortunately, but on the other hand I was always having some vitamins and minerals ( again, based on the knowledge I had that time ) and I was doing fasts from time to time.
That is why Raw Food is not a trend for me .
I was vegetarian, then I went vegan and consciously choosing I started my raw journey. This is the only next step I could have made.
We call it raw to simplify, but we could describe it in many ways.

Also, if some want to call it “fashion” I don’t care. I opt for this type of fashion rather then  a fashion of smoking, drinking vodka or having sausage parties in a basement.
If at the bottom of a fashion is a care that we give to ourselves - I will go this direction no matter what type of trend it is.
I believe that people can be brainwashed on eggs and ham. Listen to the mothers advising bacon strips to their children  in restaurants.
I believe the raw food movement can make meat eaters angry because RAW FOOD is not only about spirulina, goji berries and salad a day. It is not even about supplements.
RAW FOOD is mainly about :

  • working on my attachments and habits,
  • quiting smoking,
  • quiting dairy,
  • daily blending,
  • taking back my power to decide what is the best for me to do for my health needs (again: David Wolfe and the power to decide with money)

How hard is to give up a swiss cheese for someone who eats it every day only I know, although as soon as my husband started calling it “cows blood” I have never looked back.

My point is : fashion or not, if the THING, MOVEMENT enriches peoples lives, changes them for better, makes them more happy, healthy - I am fine with calling raw foods names. I am going to follow advise of people who teach something meaningful.
I might find my own twist after a while and search around for broader approaches though.

The harder one wants to avoid to follow ( to tie to something ) the stronger one will stick with the stubborness, which is basically the same thing, just a different variation of a bond.

I am attracted to :

These are big voices in nutrition, longevity, marketing topics.
They all AVOID HARM.
They all have more then standard methods to approach the life.
Maybe for somebody who doesn’t look for changes, all the rest who is interested in life and health improvements on raw seems like a hippie sort of community.
But as David Wolfe said already , the Hippie ignored major thing : they put flowers into their hair, but forgot to eat them.

So, yes, my friend, Jack, Raw Food can be called fashion and it means nothing. Just another word or label. What’s important is the changes people experience through getting know this trend if you want to call it such.
Once you’ve sad that homeopathy does not work at all and if people get better it’s because of their minds, believes.
I would say that whole life is a Body-Mind game and we seem to forget about this indisputable connection.
The mind works both ways; if one builds a picture of not working homeopathy or spirulina smoothie then that’s what it will be - a bluff.
This is the Power of the Mind. And if you don’t believe in this new-age talking, just visualize this nice, hot chick with you….under you….on you….And tell me now : does the mind-body connection exist or not ?

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