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Raisin Cinnamon Mochi Waffles Featuring Rachael Ray’s Apple Topping

Posted Feb 14 2014 6:00am

Photo Copyright Harvest Moon Mochi,

Last month, I was delighted to meet (virtually) one of the owners of Harvest Moon Mochi and to sample their absolutely delicious product! When the Mochi arrived, I jumped right in with both feet and didn’t think twice. When my son had a friend (who doesn’t eat healthy foods) spend the night, I made it my personal challenge to feed him an assortment of meals that encompassed everything from fresh fruit to Mochi snacks and let his taste buds tell their story. As the story goes, his Mom called to inquire into the delicious treat I made and where she could snag some herself.

My own boys knew there would be more treats in store for them over the coming days and waffles were an absolute must! The boys and I decided we would save the Cinnamon Raisin Mochi for a breakfast dinner. The gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and organic rice snack cooks up deliciously in a waffle iron. We opted to top it off with Rachael Ray’s Apple Topping for her buckwheat pancakes for an added sweetness. 


In the kitchen, my boys set out to help. The biggest dude wanted to break apart the Mochi instead of dicing it. “Why not?!” I thought. Meanwhile, the youngest had to carefully help dice apples and place them into a pot. While we were prepping out the feast ahead, the waffle iron was warming up.

The biggest guy placed Mochi pieces on the waffle iron and closed the lid.

Mochi placement in the waffle iron makes all the difference in how the waffles turn out. While there was a fair amount of mochi in the iron, there should have been a bit more space between the pieces for it to fluff up the way waffles normally would. 

When the waffles were done, we pulled them out and placed them on a plate and topped them with Rachael Ray’s Apple Topping.

The verdict:



Harvest Moon Mochi has not only earned a rightful place in our refrigerator, it is a product requested regularly by both of my children. We will continue to bring you our latest and greatest experiments with Mochi because eating healthy can be easy – even for a busy family like mine!


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