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Quickies: Raw Chocolate and Valentines Day Love

Posted Feb 11 2009 3:25pm

I see raw chocolate as a treat, something to enjoy on special occasions with friends. I'm not crazy about it (I'm not crazy about anything) and I'm also not anti-chocolate either. I respect all the conversations that are happening out there on the subject of chocolate AND my feeling is that most We Like It Raw readers feel the way I do. We don't worship at the chocolate altar, but we do enjoy it once in a while.

That all being said, with Valentines Day coming up I thought I'd feature some of the latest happenings in the world of Raw Chocolate. New companies, special deals, classes and more. Enjoy!

Quickies: Raw Chocolate and Valentines Day Love

Manna: New Raw Food Spot in Brighton in the UK
Manna is a pioneering consciousness organic vegetarian cafe / restaurant / deli only serves the finest & tastiest raw and living cuisine. Yup, they have raw chocolate too1 Check out the menu and Manna's full list of events here.

LoveChoc is a Limited Edition Aphrodisiac Chocolate by Gnosis Chocolate
I had a sample of this chocolate last week and was totally blown away. Big ups to Vanessa and her team at Gnosis Chocolate.

Chocolate Love From The Raw Spirit Festival
Get free chocolate in the mail if you register this week for one of the three Raw Spirit Festival (Santa Barbara, CA or Washington DC or Prescott, AZ). Oh ya, did I mention you get to sing too?

Fine & Raw Chocolates by Daniel Sklaar
Raw Chocolatier Daniel Sklaar is getting a lot of attention for this new brand of chocolates. I haven't tried them yet so I can't vouch, but if they are as good as the reviews say then I'm sure you'll enjoy. Review 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Innocent RAW Chocolate
These gals look like they are up to good things too!

Cafe Gratitude is offering 2 "How-To Work with Raw Chocolates" classes
"For the LOVE of Raw Chocolate" is being hosted by Chef Chaya-Ryvka at Cafe Gratitude on Feb 11th and Feb 13. Tuition is $60. Learn how to make White Chocolate-Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake and Almond Butter Cups.

10% off Handmade Jewelry Shop
Jill Schwartz is an independent artist and raw foodies who is offering all other raw foodies 10% off all of her handmade jewelry and organic lip balms. Use discount code "rawlovins". This has nothing to do with chocolate but Jill's Jewelry does look good enough to eat : )

Chia Moon Drops by Ulimana
Have you tried these yet? My local co-op just started carrying them. Wow! What a treat. The balance of flavors is incredible. Tastes like a raw snack should.

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