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Question of the Day - Craving Cooked Foods

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:20pm

Question of the day:

Hi Anthony,
I love your site! You are doing a great job updating and adding videos which livens things up and really gives insight into the raw/live foods lifestyle.

I have a question for you as a person new to raw food: Do you ever get terribly hungry and/or have cravings for cooked food? I am 50% raw right now and can feel a difference due to adding a greens smoothie to my day and fresh fruit and veg. But I am concerned that I will get really hungry with higher % of raw foods each day, then eat too many nuts or high fat raw and get fat. Neither condition is desirable to me. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!
P.S. Those figs look GORGEOUS!


For me, it was always specific dishes that I was craving. Like some kind of Indian food like saag paneer or Italian food like eggplant parmesan (sp?), or of course - falafel. Its amazing how falafel can even be referred to as "healthy". And I referring even to the regular deep-fried falafels. For some reason, many individuals will still relate "vegetarian" to "healthy". You can be a vegan that drinks and eats all kinds of bread and noodles and other cooked carbs, and be headed straight for sickness. The difference with me eating raw carbs and cooked carbs is shockingly noticeable. I'll add on 10lbs of water weight in 3 or 4 days. Once you go full raw, that fine line becomes so apparent. All of our years before, we literally floated around in the "meso-health" area. I had a little padding on my body (probably that last 10lbs) for years. I was around 180lbs (81kg) - 6'1'' (186cm), working out but still eating lots of cooked food.
When I reached 100% for extended periods of time, I leaned out and reached 165-168. You could see all the muscles that were they are there for everyone else too. We just have to remove the padding (both interior - the colon build-up) and exterior (excess water weight) and the beauty will again shine through.

Giving up cooked vegan dishes was MUCH harder than giving up meat. Vegans think they are making big sacrifices's laughable. Going raw is COMPLETELY different. You are in a different paradigm once you are raw. The whole concept of rejoining the rest of nature by eating RAW food is totally new for most of us on this planet.

So if you are craving dishes that you miss because you are trying to go raw, its likely that those dishes are cooked, because its all we have ever eaten basically. Sure, we ate our fruit and had our salads. However, the GOOD dishes...the ones that our parents would make for us, or that we would have when we went out on special occasions, we always COOKED. So, save that dish for when you reach the two or even three week mark of being raw. Make that your special occasion. But really give raw a serious effort and know that your special meal is coming. Once you have the breakthrough, you will be able to make an honest choice of whether you want to keep it at 100%. I've experienced profound moments being at 100% with lots of greens and by being active, and that feeling then replaces the old longing of those cooked dishes. And once you find unbelieveably good raw dishes, its so much easier to replace those cravings.

One more thing everyone, if you know someone having a hard time viewing this page, let them know that its best viewed at 1280x800 resolution. My mom was having that problem and a very nice woman from the UK just contacted me and said the same thing. Hope this helps! Have a juicy weekend...

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