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POTLUCK LAST NIGHT! Potlucks are always great – you might see friends, you might eat good food

Posted May 20 2013 9:31pm

I went to a raw vegan potluck last night. I enjoyed the experience, in that I had the opportunity to reconnect with some people I almost never see (except at raw events), and I got to taste new dishes that other people think are appropriate to bring to a potluck

Chef Dan brought a very tasty dish which he called “paella”. I don’t get the “paella” part, but the dish was seasoned highly (which is the way to get my attention!) I went back for more!

Someone brought a sweet that had coconut and chocolate in it. that was good. I don’t normally eat sweets, so it is fun when I see them at a potluck.

Someone brought a chili recipe – I ate some of it, but later, someone told me there were beans in there (dang! I trusted the folks who brought the stuff – I’ll have to be more careful in the future – I actually did have some digestive upset afterwards, which I will blame on the non-raw food)

What disappointed me most about this meetup was *etiquette* “we were all supposed to bring some raw food dish”.  I’d say that about half of the people I met there had not brought anything to share, even though the name on clearly specified POTLUCK. (I would be nice about that, but the people who showed up without a contribution also turned out to be the rudest ones  - they pushed you out of the way so they could get to the food before you, or else they got on their phones and talked loudly, or else they physically pushed you out of the way so they could get to their plugged in phones so they could talk loudly to people who were obviously more important than the people who were at the potluck)

I notice that this group has really expensive meetups, as well as free ones. Will it be okay if I arrive to a $50 meetup with no money? Will I be welcomed? I mean… fair is fair, and, I suppose, that the people who are able to come to a potluck with no contribution must be able to come to a “pay” class with no contribution (I cannot afford your fancy “pay” meetups, so I am VERY interested in this )


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