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“Peter’s Happy People…”

Posted Oct 21 2008 11:14pm

by Peter Ragnar

1. Smile: Happy people smile over simple things.  Smiling and being happy stimulates the thymus gland.  Smiling is a key to a healthy immune system.  Frowning depresses the immune system.
2. Don’t take “this stuff of life” so seriously: It’s just stuff.  Even if you were drowning, the bright side is, you wouldn’t have to pay any bills!
Happy People…
3. Are aware, polite, and genuine: Be nice! Behave! Speak kindly, politely and caringly.
4. Show the truth in their eyes: Steady eyes project truth and emotions.  There are gullible, angry, factual and devotional eyes.  Eyes are our windows.  It is through our eyes that we reflect light outward.  The eyes are an indication of the fire burning in our hearts.
5. Make others feel good in their presence: We feel good when we are around happy people.  It is heaven on earth.
6. Have appreciation and gracefulness without apology:  Happy beings are comfortable with who they are and with their bodies.  They walk, talk, and sit with grace.  Their hands are open expressions of what they think.  Be in appreciation of the flow of life.  Don’t resist and fight the current.  Keep hands and minds open and flexible.  Happy people live in immense grace and learn to live gracefully.
7. Are productive: Happy people are productive.  They learn to flow productively in the direction they want to go.
8. Are energetic and enthusiastic: They are filled with spirit.  They are excited about life and anticipate the good in life.  They are spirit-filled, which is what it means to be a spiritual person.  Their energy is regulated and directed.
9. Have focused attention: The happy person is relaxed and knows what to be focused on.  The focused mind burns more cleanly; one thought at a time.
10. Are purposeful:  Happy people control their reality.  They are not the servant of every whim.  They live deliberately and purposefully.
11. Know the law of cause and effect: Happy people know that the universe operates on the law of cause and effect.  They apply the right cause for the right effect.  For every event (effect) look back to the thought or action (cause).  When you see that result you want, follow it to the source and make it your own.  Servitude is the way you think, yet so is mastery. If it’s working, keep doing it.  If not, do something different!
12. Know there simply are NO accidents: Everything happens purposefully and deliberately.  We may not understand what the reasons are, but causes do create effects. 
13. Know that the prime mover of our reality exists between our ears: Our thoughts are our mastermind.

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