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Organic Skin Care Routine That Works

Posted Oct 18 2012 1:59pm

Over the years I have received many questions and comments about my skin. Many wanting to know what type of products I use, mainly because my skin is ultra soft, and it can be hard to believe I’ve lost over 215 lbs and still have skin so smooth.

The truth is being a guy I don’t use many products, mainly MSM and coconut oil. But I do recognize that the majority of my readers are women, and would love a practical and effective natural beauty routine that works. So I asked my wife to share about her beauty routine and favorite line of products. I hope you enjoy.

From: Casey McCluskey

Today I am going to share my regime with you, including my absolute favorite natural beauty products .

First I’ll preface this by saying that my greatest beauty secrets are what I put into my body daily – green vegetable juice , fresh, alkaline, hydrating fruits and vegetables and superherbs . This plus the attention I put on thorough elimination with regular bowel cleansing. If waste does not properly leave the body it will contribute to signs of aging, excess weight and low energy. This does not make for looking your best!

With that base covered, I do have a beauty regime that makes me feel my best, and I enjoy it even more because the products I use are all of the highest quality and completely organic and natural. Almost all of my favorite beauty products come from Annmarie Gianni’s skin care line simply because they are incredible. They are so pure being organic and wild crafted, and at the same time they feel so indulgent and smell heavenly. The first time I tried these products I spent a half hour in the bathroom groaning at their amazing smell and giving my face more love than it had seen in years. These products gave a new depth to my self care routine. Not more time or effort, but more enjoyment and activation of my senses.

(Please note that I purchase these products with my own money, they are not industry freebies).

Here’s my daily beauty regime:

In The A.M.

I cleanse my face every morning, usually in the shower, with Annmarie’s Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser. I love this product because I tend towards drier skin if anything and this feels hydrating and calming, and the aloe in the product is very soothing.

After showering or washing my face, I use the Neroli Toning Mist. This is a favorite of mine because I love the spray on function rather than having to dab it on. Made from orange blossoms, this really calms and balances the skin.

Once a week I’ll use the Ayurvedic Facial Scrub (this stuff smells incredible!) and the Purifying Mud Mask. This is perfect for purifying the skin and tissues, remineralizing with blue green algae, and helps regulate oil balance for all skin types. The mud mask is made with Rose Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Dead Sea Clay, Organic Blue-Green Algae. While the facial scrubs key ingredients are organic lavender flowers; rhassoul clay; organic rosemary leaves; and organic comfrey root.

Lastly I apply the divine Anti Aging Facial Oil as my moisturizer (nothing wrong with starting anti aging yumminess as I’m over 30 ;) ). This product makes me feel like I am at a spa, every time! Key ingredients are Chia seed oil and carrot seed oil, which have been known to be two of the best oils for rejuvenating the skin.

I don’t wear make up a lot, or use much when I do, but the products I adore are by RMS beauty . I love their lip and cheeks colors, eyeliners and concealer most of all. I never use foundation/base anymore as I don’t like to clog my pores and don’t think my skin needs it.

In the P.M.

I always cleanse my face before bed, again using the Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser.

I use the Anti Aging Serum on my face after cleansing, and then finish with the Neroli Toning Mist. The serum boosts collagen, helping to give you that young and fresh look. Key ingredients are the life everlasting flower extract and echinacea, which helps boost immunity while keeping the skin firm.

If you want to read up on the ingredients in the Annmarie Gianni organic skin care line, or pick up some of your own to try (they have great sample sizes!), you can check all that out here .

That’s it! Simple, pure, natural and effective!

Casey McCluskey

What’s your beauty regime look like?

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