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Organic, Raw Kombucha + Raw Treats

Posted Sep 04 2009 10:28pm

The day before yesterday, I actually got out of the house and was gone pretty much all day–out and about getting things ready for upcoming festivals I’ll be helping my Mom set up at (for her herb business).

We left not long after I woke up and got dressed, so I just grabbed a spoon of cashew butter right from the jar and ate it off the spoon while I grabbed a banana, threw it in my purse, and filled up my water bottle.

I ate the banana once we got on the road (no pics, sorry) <– I was hungry and gobbled it up! ;-)

After registration was taken care of (and maybe a little shopping for a new bonnet for me ;-) ) we stopped at a health food store. I LOVE health food stores–they are cruel to my wallet, though!

I found all kinds of STUFF I would have loved to have bought: ProBars (which I’ve never tried), Garden of Life bars (never tried those either), and all sorts of other goodies. There was raw foods, drinks, and other health foods, herbs, teas, books… Health Heaven, huh? :-)

Finally, I decided on a Synergy (organic, raw) Kombucha Tea. I was craving a cold drink and thought it’d be nice to try out this “Kombucha” that seems to be all over the Web, on blogs and in articles. There were a few different flavors and while I decided on the Passionberry Bliss, I’m now thinking I should have tried the one with Sassafras root in it. Hmmmm….. Guess I need to go back!

Organic, Raw Passionberry Bliss Kombucha

Kombucha, Synergy, organic, raw, Passionberry Bliss

I was anxious to taste this stuff after all the hype about it, so I took a big gulp–Oops! I never expected it to be SO strong. Let me tell you, I couldn’t believe it. I’m not saying it’s bad. I just wasn’t prepared for how it would taste. In a way, it reminds me of soda. I was thinking “tea”, ya know? I’m used to drinking herbal tea every day so I guess I just assumed it would taste like tea–I was wrong. I closed the lid and wasn’t sure if I’d drink it or not. I actually ended up getting an unsweetened tea from another place and drank that. So when I got home, I put my Kombucha in the fridge and left it there ’till yesterday. I thought I’d give it another try–I drank it all up! It’s still weird to me, but I think it’s growing on me. I’ve decided it tastes sort of like a berry flavored soda. Strange. But good. And I love the benefits!

Synergy Passionberry Bliss is 95% G.T.’s Kombucha–the rest is blackberry juice +  passionfruit juice. And at the end of the ingredient list, they say: “and 100% pure love!” How awesome is that??!!

This jazzy drink also has probiotics, antioxidants, and Glucuronic, Lactic, and Acetic acids.

From the bottle:

Kombucha supports: digestion, metabolism, immune system, appetite control, weight control, liver function, body alkalinity, anti-aging, cell integrity, healthy skin and hair.

Now, while I’m not that familiar with Kombucha and its benefits yet, I will say I totally believe it’s possible. Why? Fermented foods are good for us (in my opinion) and it seems to me that Kombucha is a lot like apple cider vinegar with Mother in the sense that it contains living enzymes and nutrients, and it’s fermented. I’ve seen firstand the benefits of the vinegar with Mother, so I’m excited to experiment more with Kombucha and see what comes of it. Next time I try something new, though, I won’t take such a ginormous gulp! LOL What was I thinking??? ;-)


Synergy Kombucha, Jean's Healthway, Missouri

How much are these drinks where you are, if you’ve been buying them??

Snack Time

As I was getting ready to pay for my Synergy tea up there, I spotted these goodies on the way out. From what I could see on the ingredients list, they’re RAW! They’re like snack bars, cut in squares. The chocolate one is actually carob, with nuts, pumpkin seeds, SPIRULINA, and I think a little fruit. The other one is almond with fruit and I think both of these had sunflower seeds in ‘em, too.

raw treats, raw snacks

Carob Creation

carob, spirulina, nut bars, raw

Almond Awesomeness

almond, honey, fruit bars, raw


Of course, I loved the carob one best. It was crunchy, chewy, and good. I’m still amazed that I don’t taste the spirulina! How’d they do that??? I’m not sure if I’d buy the almond one again–it seemed like it was lacking something, but I can’t figure out what. It just seemed like it needed jazzing up. Then again, my tastebuds may have been “off” after being freaked out by a big gulp of Kombucha I wasn’t used to! ;-)

I’m gearing up for more festivals so I’m going to take these along as a snack.

Have you tried anything new lately? Have any plans for the weekend? Jump right in to the comment section and share!

Coming Up

You’ll be happy to know I have reviews and contests lined up, starting next week!

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