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Organic Garden Update + Aurorae Yoga Giveaway Reminder!

Posted May 30 2010 6:30am

Hey, y’all!

Gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Monday – the Meatless Monday post . Wow.

What have y’all been up to all week? Me? I’ve been doing outside chores, gardening, and have been super-duper busy. Phew! What a week, I tell ya! ;-)

So I thought I’d share some photos of my (organic) gardening efforts. A lot of things are coming along really well (like the featured plants in this post) but other stuff – not so much. The yellow squash, cucumbers, green beans, and some other veggie plants either got washed away from the ridiculous amount of rain we had, the seeds didn’t germinate because it was too cold, or they molded from all the rain. :-(

That really is aggravating because the seeds were heirloom, organic quality and plus, there was that tidbit of actually planting them. But what’s a gardener to do in this crazy weather?!

Yes, a greenhouse would be fantabulous, and we’re actually planning to convert one of the outer buildings in to one – but that time is not here yet.

Needless to say, I’m ready for Mother Earth to stop crying buckets and put on her sunny smile already and keep it on! LOL

Is it sunny and beautiful in your neck of the woods? I’ve finally been getting some sunshine recently and I’m tickled pink… All that rain was really, really getting old.

On the bright side, the stuff that is growing is growing pretty well ‘cause of all that rain I’m complaining about! ;-)  

Asian Lilies 1

Asian Lilies 2

Asian Lilies 3

Asian Lilies 4

Asian Lilies 5



Liliac bush

lilac bush 2






purple clematis

purple clematis 2


pink roses

pink roses 2

pink roses 3


snap dragons

snap dragons 2

snap dragons 3


And it’s been super-duper difficult to maintain the garden with all the chilly, rainy weather we’ve had. Ack!



radishes 2

radishes 3

radishes 4

radishes 5

radishes 6  

radishes 7  


organic gardening, produce, radishes

And they taste JUST like the ones from my grandma’s garden when I was a little girl!!!! Woo hoo!!! :-D


  potato blooms

potato plant


grapes 1

grapes 2


grapes 3

grapes 4



grapes 5


grapes 6

grapes 7

grapes 8

grapes 9



organic strawberries

strawberry blooms

ripe strawberries

juicy strawberries

organic strawberry patch

big juicy strawberries  


thornless blackberries

blackberry blooms


organic blackberries


organic blueberries  

organic blueberries 2

organic blueberries 3

organic blueberries 4


organic zucchini


spiralized zucchini noodles, raw pasta


Of course, there’s more: sweet taters, different tomato varieties, bushes, trees, flowers, etc.,  but this post is already long enough – have to save some for another day! ;-)

Burning questions I have for you – talk to me people! hehe

1. What’s your favorite fruit or veggie? My favorite fruit is blueberries – especially frozen! – and my favorite veggie? It’s hard to decide! I’d say I’m torn between spinach, chard, kale, brussel sprouts – well, greens! LOL

2. Do you have a garden? Do you grow naturally/organically – or do you not mind killing weeds and grass with chemicals?

3. Do you spend a lot of time outside during pretty weather? Are you an indoor or outdoor person?

4. What’s your favorite outdoor activity? I guess mine is actually riding my bike – which I never do anymore!

5. Have you entered my Aurorae Yoga-sponsored giveaway ? Why not? Winner receives a high-quality yoga mat (your choice of color!), a Yoga Sport Sweat Towel , and a Slip-Free Rosin Bag ! Go, get yourselves entered!

aurorae  yoga

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