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Nothing tastes as good

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:09pm

Anthony Robbins said it best:

"Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels."

So true. And, if anything gets close to tasting as good as healthy feels, it would be raw food.

Because raw food taste amazing. Not just good, but crazy good. 1000x better than the stuff that I use to eat. The stuff that I previously called "food".

I am so not struggling to be healthy. I am so not struggling to use raw food diet as a vehicle for health. I crave my food. I love my chocolate/green smoothies. I adore my salads. Gourmet dishes at Pure Food and Wine, Au Lac and Karyn's Fresh Corner are a heavily treat. And the simple stuff is the best. Wild foods, garden grown tomatoes, farm fresh apples.

Yes, nothing does taste as good as being healthy feels, but raw food sure does come close.

Taste Buds: Did you know that taste buds are replaced every 3 to 10 days? When I first started eating raw food I really enjoyed the prepared dishes, but I couldn't find the real joy in the simple things. Over the course of 2 months though, I started to notice that I was tasting all sorts of new things. I was experiencing flavors that I had never tasted before. Sensations I had never felt. It literally felt like I was eating a price of fruit or tasting an herb for the first time.

And on the flip side, 6 months into my raw diet I ate something that had white sugar in it. It was like eating gasoline or some chemical compound. I wanted to gag.

Even if you're not totally raw, eating a high raw diet will change the way you relate to processed foods. You won't be able to enjoy things the same way you use to. It sounds like a curse, but it is a gift from your body. Your body intuitively knows what works and what doesn't.

And if you're knew to raw and having a hard time enjoying the taste of simple things, give it time. Your body is working hard to correct years of damage. Trust it and enjoy the ride.

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