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Night #28: Keeping On

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:41pm

I haven't mentioned the hypnosis experience much lately. I still listen to it every night when I fall asleep. I'm never awake by the end of it. I almost always wake up around 4 am, but unlike in the past, I just fall back to sleep. At first I put the CD on to fall asleep to (at 4 am), or more accurately, to distract myself from my racing mind, but it hasn't seemed necessary lately. I just fall asleep again. Those are rather musical words for those who have experienced sleep problems.

The icing on the cake though, which I will now say as The perfectly ripe avocado on the salad is, my overall feeling of well being and contentment. A light(er) ness of being. And frankly, if you had some nice woman saying nice things in your ear that provoke self-acceptance and forgiveness and potential for half an hour every night for almost a month, you might just start to chill-ax too. Or so I'm guessing.

I'm eating whatever I want when I want it which is translating as very small portions of mostly fresh, raw foods. For those who like the details, yesterday went like this:
7 am-1/4 cup cereal with milk
10 am- 1 Litre of water during exercise
11 am - 1 avocado
1 pm - 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 10 almonds, 1/4 banana, 3T ground flax seeds, 1 t organic maple syrup
3 pm - 1T sunflower seeds, 2 small slice whole grain bread with 2 t peanut butter
4:30 - 1/2 apple
6:30 pm - 2 small baked potatoes, tiny bit of butter and salt
plus more water throughout the day
I'm probably forgetting something

What I'm thinking of changing:
-First and foremost, those potatoes, while they tasted great, seemed to cause some bloating. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that Beast That Bloats reared its very ugly head once again last night. My tummy was definitely not right. So, potatoes are not for me right now.

-I'd like to stop dairy products altogether. I've always suspected they cause the constant congestion I have in my chest. Eliminating them will help me know if this is true.

-I'm reading various opinions on food combining and getting interested to see if there are certain foods that my body responds very well to but best if not taken together. This might be broad categories like fruit with other foods, or more specific like, maybe this type of fruit doesn't digest best with another kind (based on acid level and body feedback).

-Yesterday I wasn't really craving any greens. I'm of two minds about that right now: some advisers go on and on about making a raw diet green centred, others say fruit centered. Being the experience-is-believing kind of person that I am, I will try everything and see what seems best for me. And when I get my annual physical in the spring next year, I will get every lab test known to humankind done to see that the numbers do verify what I'm feeling. And if they don't, I will adjust things.

-I was reading up on the mold toxicity that can occur when one consumes a lot of peanuts and that pretty much turned me off them. I had been eating them as a nut snack. I think I'll switch mainly to almonds, raw cashews, walnuts, and raw sunflower seeds. By 'raw' I mean, not oiled or salted or roasted.

Yesterday's workout was indeed another sweaty one. I love to sweat from exertion. Cleanse my soul, I say! I still grumble to myself at the start of exercise: the room is cold, I'd rather be doing just about anything else. Because I know my exercise tape so well, I can do all the motions while completely daydreaming through it. I have to catch myself on quality control: often I'm so spaced out in dreamland I realize I'm not doing the overhead reaches as well as I could (to get my heart rate up). But otherwise, it's good. I get the exercise done and hardly know I've done it.

When I passed the mirror this morning on my way out of the bedroom, I could tell that something looked different with the size of my legs. They look smaller. Hallelujah chorus. Funny how we find a way to weigh / measure ourselves without intentionally doing so. The weight can't come off fast enough but in the mean time, boy does it feel good to feel more muscular, particularly in the abdominal area.

I'm going to have to talk with Manley about my plans over the next month, meaning the xmas season. I really want to stay this focused on my health plan. I don't want any takeout food near me, and I don't want any refined sugar in the house. No xmas baking and all that business. Manley doesn't cause me problems with these things, but he can be a great support if I clearly tell him what scheme I'm up to now. I imagine he has a hard time keeping up: I'm always trying something new. This time it's Project Body Overhaul.

Here's some links from surfing ( internet and tv ) yesterday:

Sara Snow [ link ] - green, organic living - tv show

you are what you eat [ link ] - I didn't realize this tv series is back on the air here. Host Gillian McKeith takes two people on the fast track to death by fast food and gives them a fighting chance to transform themselves and save their lives. Really. I think one of her best tricks is showing people what they eat (lardy, sugar laden foods) and then pervert the food to build a negative image of it in the person's mind.

Living with Ed [ link ] - reality show with Ed Begley junior and his wife. The show seems painfully staged but they are both likable and Ed's efforts to live off the grid and/or with low impact on the environment are interesting and inspiring.

more health makeover testimonials [ link ] I love reading about how people take themselves from poor health to vibrant health through a change in eating habits. Food is powerful stuff, people, and so overlooked in its relationship to our health. But think about, how can it not be the key?

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