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Night #21: Less Hanging Over

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:41pm

These posts are numbered based on how many nights I have been listening to my hypnosis CD. I can't believe I'm at the three week mark. A lot of changes have happened. I think I've been exercising regularly for about a month. Words cannot express how happy I am to see my midsection disappearing. While I can easily get transported away by other interests (as you can see by how many blogs I have), I've decided anything health related has to stay at the top of the list. I can only wander off to play if I'm doing everything in my health plan and staying on top of it.

I have to write most of these entries really quickly in the morning before taking my girl to school. I'm always a little foggy when I wake up so I don't always think of the things I want to say. I try and jot down reminders during the day to help.

My first note yesterday said, You need a crisis, Girl. What I meant was, my mood is feeling so much more stable than, well, I've really ever felt, that I'm not having any diet/fitness crises yet. I've had a bit of attitude about exercise, but I still do it, and I tried eating a piece of dark chocolate in a rebellion against the idea of losing weight and actually being slender. But the chocolate tasted bland. So, no crises here yet. Just kind of smooth sailing. Wow. Perhaps not great for writing compelling blog entries, but good for me.

Yesterday during a break in exercise I made a note to myself that my level of exertion during the step aerobics is changing. I'm still doing the same three segments each day. When I started, my heart rate would reach 25 beats/10 seconds = 150 beats per minute. Now, doing the same routine, my heart rate goes to 21 beats/10 seconds = 126 beats per minute. Improvement!

I was also horrified to note that the portion of the workouts that actually gets and keeps my heart rate up in the target zone has dropped from about 40 minutes to 25 minutes. Mayday Mayday. This means I have to make it harder to keep it effective (hoping always for 40 minutes of top rate exertion). Which means I need to buy another step bench since mine only has one level. They're harder to find these days at a good price because it's not such a popular workout toy any more. Perhaps I'll try some free online ads first and see if anyone would like theirs out of their garage.

I felt like a total slacker yesterday when I realized I was cruising through so much of the workout. That's time well-wasted! We want fitness, people! Not just going through the motions.

In other fantastic news, just as I finished the workout, there was a knock on the door and the mailman handed me my juicer. I'm going to get that sorted out on the weekend. I've been reading up on raw food diets, juicing, wheatgrass, and other fantastic food cults that scare the crap out of yer average junk eating human, and I'm raring to go. A great resource is always to look for people who are eating to save their own lives. When one has cancer or diabetes and wants to be captain of the ship, food is medicine. Good, good medicine. I want to live that way preventatively.

Another thing I love during the workouts is that I'm starting to really sweat. I love anything detoxifying. On the Rachael Ray show recently Dr. Phil's wife Robin was a guest. She was showing the results of a mineral wrap treatment. I was, of course, thrilled at the idea of it because masses of filthy liquid seemed to seep out of one's body during the treatment. It goes like this: you get naked and someone wraps you up in a bunch of tensor bandages that (I think) are soaked in mineral solutions. Then, you jump on a mini-trampoline for an hour (not too wildly), and sweat.

They had bags placed to catch the sweat. They said the minerals go in the lymph nodes and push out the garbage. I have no idea if it's true but it looked really cool. Robin promoted it both as a detoxifier and a way to shed a bunch of inches that she says do not return later. I'm sure the phones to those U.S. clinics were ringing off the hood after that segment. I'm always skeptical of what looks like temporary water loss, but love the idea of getting the junk out. I mean, think of the poisons we take in through food, water, and air, and how the body filters it out but doesn't have an efficient means to physically boot it out. I'm sure that's why people go to place like Hippocrates.

All the usual stuff:
-exercise: which I'm going to have to kick up a notch until a new step bench will do it for me
-eating when hungry, stopping when satisfied
-sleep: hypnosis CD at bedtime
-bedtime on schedule. Friday night = I risk being lured into the wee hours by Manley.
-fun: today is busy. I'll have to just be silly while working.

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