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New Ingredient Alert: Quinoa Flakes

Posted Apr 08 2011 2:46pm

IMG_5750 (350x525)

Hey guys! Great response to the new kelp noodle recipe . Kelp noodles are such a fun and versatile ingredient: I’m thrilled that you’ve been inspired to experiment with them. As noted by a few commenters, kelp noodles are very low cal, so be sure to pair them with rich sauces and a variety of side dishes: I often add beans to my kelp bowls, or eat them along with a bean and veggie salad, and I also love to eat them with my cheesy red pepper hemp sauce and veggies.

Speaking of fun ingredients, I decided to try a new one out this week: quinoa flakes.

IMG_5741 (525x350)

A few months ago, when I shared my delicious recipe for quinoa porridge , a number of you commented to say that quinoa flakes work very much the same way: you can heat them over the stovetop to create a porridge-like consistency. I’d seen them in stores before, but it had never occurred to me to try them out. Until this week, that is, when I purchased a box (about $5.69, for those of you watching your budgets) and resolved to try out a new kind of cooked breakfast.

Quinoa flakes, I learned, are remarkably fast-cooking. Boil 1 cup water, add 1/3 cup quinoa flakes, and in exactly 90 seconds a hot breakfast is completely at the ready:

IMG_5743 (525x350)

I served mine the way I nearly always serve porridge: with banana, 1 tsp chia seeds or flax meal, and homemade almond or cashew butter:

IMG_5747 (525x350)

IMG_5750 (350x525)

My verdict? Two thumbs up! For the most part, I was really pleased with this breakfast. A few notable pros and cons:


  • Speed (it doesn’t get better than 90 seconds)
  • Great option for gluten free diners
  • Nutty, mild taste
  • Creamy texture


  • Not as thick as regular rolled oats or steel cut oats or oat bran
  • Satiety—I found that this porridge held me over for less time than oat bran or oats typically do; it reminded me a lot of brown rice cereal, which I find tasty but not as filling as other grain bowls in the morning
  • With two grams of protein, it’s a less protein rich option than rolled oats (5 grams) or oat bran (7 or 8 grams)

In the end, I sort of like the process of making my own quinoa porridge, if only because I enjoy any excuse to use my hand blender. However, these will come in mighty handy when I need to make breakfast quickly—and these days, that’s often the case. I’m also really excited to see how I can use them in other applications: I’d like to try baking with them, and I also suspect they’ll be great binders in veggie burgers, mock meatloafs, and casseroles. We’ll see!

With that, a bus ride full of chem studying commences. Have a great start to the weekend, friends!


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