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"Naughty girls need love, too"

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:01pm


I don’t know why, but I loved that song growing up, although it was totally inappropriate considering my age at the time. I used to sing along with it on my Walkman (as in this one, not this one ), as I waited for the school bus.

If you’ve been reading my bloglately, you know I’ve been a little bit naughty (I hope Santa hasn’t started making his list early, but something tells me he’ll make an exception for me after the cookies I left for him this past year).

As I mentioned in a recent post, I went to a Paul Nison lecture (as I told you before, Philip; you missed a good time), sponsored by NaturalZing last weekend, where I learned a lot of useful information about his “Formula for Health.” Unfortunately, I haven’t yet applied this knowledge.

I mean, it’s like when someone tells you not to look, and instead, you instinctively stare at the one thing you were warned not to see. For instance, he tells you not to overeat, but I probably did that just while attending the lecture.

I’m guilty of many things that make me a naughty raw foodist (I don’t exactly provide the healthiest example in the raw food community. I’m like that little devil on your shoulder telling you to indulge in my latest “rawified” junk food), but the worst has to be my chocolate addiction (mine is more than just a bad habit).

On the way home from the lecture, I asked for my friend, Rawbin, for advice as to what I should make this week for We Like It Raw (the very same post you are reading right now. Hey, it’s like in the “ Never Ending Story ” when Sebastian is reading the part in the book, where the Empress says Sebastian is reading the same book “right now.” Huh? ).

I had planned on “rawifying” this pie I found in a Family Circle magazine at work, since I finally got my hands on some raw macadamia nuts (I picked up my NaturalZing order at the event). But, it just didn’t seem right to make this chocolaty concoction less than 24 hours after listening to what Paul had to say.

So, I bounced around some other ideas. But in the end, our cravings got the best of us; we settled on the pie. And, to make matters worse, I started out with the deepest, darkest chocolate crust you can imagine, made out of 1 ½ cups (yes, you read that right) of raw cacao nibs. This stuff ought to be illegal; now this really got us bouncing (you should have seen us at work the other day, when we both had some for lunch).

You can be bouncing, too, if you dare to try it (I’m such a bad influence. Forgive me).

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