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Natural Beauty:Rose Essential Oil Is A Natural Beauty Booster – Plus A Rose ‘n Honey Facial Mask

Posted Jul 29 2014 11:00am

By Chere Harbridge

In celebration of our new authentic beauty care line, we’re posting a series of blogs featuring the organic and wild-crafted ingredients in our  products. The second ingredient in our Opulent Skin Drops  is Rose Otto. We’ve included Rose Otto essential oil in our Opulent Skin Drops, Healthy Smile Serum, and the Luxury Lip Nutrition.  Read on to find out why – and we’ve also included a luscious DIY rose ‘n honey facial mask!

 Rose Otto - rosa damescena  -  Our organic rose otto essential oil, thought to have first originated in the Middle East, is extracted by steam distillation.  It takes 60 flowers to create one drop of this amazing oil!

  • soothing to the heart
  • smoothing to the wrinkles.
  • has potent antiseptic properties
  •  soothing to all skin types
  • helps to rejuvenate  connective tissues.rosa200x267
  • cooling to the skin
  • healing to many skin conditions
  • uplifts the spirit and  can help with depression, stress and anxiety.
  • helps the skin to be more resilient
  • aids in elasticity
  • helps gum tissue to be resilient
  • aids in elasticity of the gums
  • is an effective analgesic
  • speeds up the healing of gum tissues
  • helps heal cold sores and cankers.
  • regenerate connective tissues
  • helps tone  the gums.
  • 8 fresh rose petals
  • 2 T. rose water
  • 1 t. plain yogurt
  • 1 t.  raw honey
  • Soak rose petals in  the rose water for 1 hour, then crush the petals in a bowl or with a mortar and pestle.
  • Mix the yogurt and honey with the rose petals and apply to face.
  • Leave on for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse.
  • Moisturize as usual
  • Note:  If your skin is oily you can add 2-3 drops of lemon juice

    Rose Otto is just one of the organic and wild-crafted botanicals we’ve infused into our Opulent Skin Drops. To get your be you authentic beauty kit, either contact one of our Certified Coaches near you for the in-person experience, or order directly from the website. We’re ’bout fed up with a photoshop cropped picture of beauty and committed to showing women that there is a way to restore health, improve your natural glow and be a radiant, positive example of beauty in the world without compromising your health, confidence or budget.

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