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Nascar driver reverses Stage IV Melanoma

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:33pm

JerrodsesslercancerrawRaw Foods News Magazine profiles professional driver Jerrod Sessler's journey and explorations in eating raw and reversing his cancer:

In 2000 Jerrod’s doctors delivered the gut-wrenching news that he had stage IV melanoma.

“They told me that I had about a five percent chance of living 10 years," Jerrod says. They told him his treatment options were chemotherapy, radiation, interferon or simple ‘monitoring’. "They said that these treatments or combinations of them would improve my odds up to 15 percent or so,” Jerrod said.

Doctors also warned him that the chemical treatments and radiation made it unlikely that he and his wife would be able to have children.

However Jerrod wasn't planning on settling for that:

Following a period of intense research, discernment, and prayer, Jerrod and his young wife Nikki decided against traditional treatments and opted for radically changing Sessler’s diet.

It took them weeks and month to do an “extreme makeover” of their diet to revamp their habits and their pantry. The result was what they still follow today: a strict vegan diet, mostly raw foods that haven’t been processed, with no dairy or meat.

In the end it all paid off!

Today all Sessler family members are healthy and thriving, including three new additions to the family; two boys and a girl whose ages range from eight months to four years old.

Jerrod is thrilled to have defeated his cancer and happy to continue racing cars, a lifelong passion that started at age four when he announced that he wanted to be a race car driver. He raced go-karts as a boy and raced stock cars professionally in l998.

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Jerrod Tips For Keeping it Raw On The Go

  • Before you leave town, review your eating schedule and anticipate your needs.
  • Invest in a soft-sided cooler or even a child’s lunch box that will fit into a wider brief case. Consider cooler for the hotel room.
  • For emergencies, keep raw vegan snack bars on hand and a cooler full of fresh produce.
  • Don’t give into pressure from others who don't understand your lifestyle.
  • Note dining out times and take the time to make arrangements to order vegetarian meals. Make up your own vegan meal request cards for banquets.


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