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My Way: Christine Gutierrez

Posted Sep 08 2010 6:06pm 2 Comments


Christine Gutierrez is the founder and owner of Sacred Space NYC , which she opened in the fall of 2010, with the desire to heal, empower, and inspire women through love, holistic wellness, and community.

She is 24 years old. A Scorpio. Passionate. Loving. Fierce. Christine holds a BA from Fordham University in Human Behavior and Development with a minor in Philosophy and her Master from City College in Mental Health Counseling with a focus on prevention and community. Christine's mystical experience and healing training includes reiki training, tantra counselor, priestess path, breathwork, meditation, and healing bodywork. She is a cosmic warrior, a green love business entrepreneur, and urban hippy.

My Way: Christine

Friday - Today I woke up like a little kid excited to go on a trip. Today is the day of my launch party for my women’s wellness and lifestyle company, Sacred Space NYC. I woke up and sat in the bed with my eyes closed and said “wow, and thanks!” So grateful that the day finally had come that I wrote down in my journal "wow, I really made it happen.” I got clear on my intention, for me intention is where it's at. It’s magical and powerful, I wrote “my intention for tonight is to be calm, have fun, and share the gift of my vision of life, love, and wellness through my company Sacred Space NYC and share in happiness of like minded people in community.” I am peaceful, radiant, a goddess of light and love sharing my light with others. I am abundant and prosperous. I set my intention of making lasting connection with the people I meet tonight. I set my intention of this freeing my spirit and opening doors into the world of press, to get comfortable with it, to get use to success and to spread the love. Ahhhh, all that on my bed in my jammies, that’s how I roll. It's probably one of the best ways for me to really start off the day the right way and get tuned into what one of my favorite authors Gabrielle Bernstein calls your “~ing.” I call it your “inner goddess,” your light, whatever you call it, that feeling of bliss and joy that makes you feel alive and joyous and ready.

I then went to grab some grub, some carrots, ranch dressing, breadsticks, and water... random breakfast. I went to the city and ran some errands for the party, then checked out the gorgeous space Sacred Space NYC rents from. I then went to a wonderful woman’s house and did a intenSession. An intenSession is our signature service where we combine guided breathwork, guided meditation, intentions, aromatherapy, east meets west massage, and energy work. It was a wondrous journey and a reminder of the divine light within each of us.

I was floating away as I guided her on a journey to the stars, and with the elements. The energy of the room was filled with live green and colorful plants, transformed all love,  our hands were pulsating with the energy, and it was like a cosmic orgasm. She was smiling and hugging the energy of herself, loving herself, and healing herself. I was reminded again, as I am every time I work with people, that this is my mission, this is my truth, and this is my gift. Even more than that cosmic energy, that magic is real, and is powerful. I left with a smile, as did my client of course, and I went home to get pretty (prior to this getting pretty mode, I was looking like a hot lil hippy, probably smelly mess.)

I headed to our little Astoria cottage, blasted some music from an awesome band I heard once on 14th street in the train called Raices group. I blasted it as loud as I could, lit a white candle got nakey, and bathed with the vibrations filling the room. I danced like a goddess in the shower, or from the outside looking in like a crazy lady, and smiled and repeated positive affirmations while breathing. I got out, applied makeup, put some Young Living lavender oil on me to feel calm, put on my awesome jingily dress and packed my stuff heading to the launch.

Miracle workers were there to support me, my hot momma my friends, so many people there to help. The party was gorgeous, there was a huge turnout, and I had amazing people supporting me as my sponsors in this event, like the sexy and incredibly inspiring Vanessa Barg from Gnosis Chocolate, Jared from Clean Plates, Bianca from Sacred Space Acupuncture and Arganica Oil, Adam from BluBerry Delight, amazing cookies from Purely Elizabeth, and the beautiful Arielle with BeWellwithArielle. I mean this was a rockstar sponsor list and the guests were just as gorgeous and filled with light. We snacked, we laughed we networked, we experienced sample intenSessions, and meditations from Macha. Lori from, Nitkita from YourBella Life, and Kelly Lynn were there to offer raffle prizes. A success, and of course I cried. It's on camera. I am still vibing and grateful with bliss.


Saturday - Woke up exhausted and in shock. Wow, this really happened. I rolled over and smushed my boyfriend, closed my eyes and breathed in the feeling that finally I am where I deserve to be. Happy, with family, friends, my partner, and my cosmic baby Sacred Space that I love, and loves me right back. I felt alive. I also felt exhausted all at the same time from the prior days, hard work in putting together the event which I am proud to say I have never done before in my life.

I'm Puerto Rican and it's like the hugest deal in the world to have a sweet 16. But me, nope, 1 friend and my parents. So this was such a huge shift for me and was so proud at the way it all turned out. I then plugged on my facebook, sent out some thank you's to my amazing guests, helpers, and sponsors. I logged on to my iTunes and listened to Add More Ing Meditation, and just allowed myself to be still. I went to read my emails and got an exciting email or two from press opportunities. I did a happy dance and yelled to my boyfriend to hear all the great news. I am sure he is thrilled that he lives with a bouncy lil fairy who insists on hearing happy news early in the am, lol.

I got on the train to go to meeting, I am literally floating. I have never took a class in business or saw anyone in my family run a business (though I figure I will plug my dad in; my daddy just launched an amazing restaurant though not vegan, actually the opposite it’s a south east asian BBQ spot, but delish and has some vegi options- called Fatty Cue’s in Williamsburg) but nevertheless with my intuition and my fearlessness I was making ish happen. Dope. I left smiling.

I walked around the city, went to a bookstore and wrote down the names of magazines I want to get featured in, then went through the farmer’s market. I love just smelling the herbs, getting lost in their pure scent, their wisdom of healing through real fresh foods.

Sunday - Today I just lounged. I listened to music, cleaned, sent emails, networked, and tried to use twitter. I sent more thank you’s and literally just vegged out. I stopped by my best friend’s house, had a lil bite of some cheese, fruits, with tons of water, a couple of blocks from my house. Then away to work on the new upcoming soon to be released website, designed by Christina Zayas, and logo by Alison.

I drank a cold Blue Moon and listened to meditations (yes beer and meditations do go together at times). I went home and pranced around the house with my lover. We laughed, then he farted on me and thought it was funny. I almost puked.

Looking back I guess my definition of lounging is still quite active and not really lounging, I might want to meditate on that. I took my alone time and watched Sex and the City 2 online. “Take the tradition and decorate it your way.” I loved that line, I love the feeling of decorating anything you do your way. We are all unique, why not show that with decorating - with our own touch? Love it. And “keep the sparkle!” We all have a sparkle in us and we got to keep that sparkle bright by doing things that make us happy and glow, like reading, writing, meditating, eating raw, whatever it is that works and has you bright and healthy. Just sparkle!


Monday - Woke up, made a greek frappe for my man, got some water, popped in a multi-grain bagel with some peanut butter for me, and started off my day. I plopped on my music from Pandora with it set from ‘thievery corporation,” meditated, and got ready for my day out with my best friends in the city. Ladies day, just walking around and back to farmer’s market. This time we spent time sniffing the lavender and all the herbs, gosh I love thyme. Such a beauty to feel all that freshness in the middle of the bustling city. This is what I feel like in the middle of a session with someone, silence, beauty, calm, in the midst of the chaos of the city life. The space transforms, the farmers market is something like that for me.

We walk around get some Pump health food, fresh watermelon juice, and lots of water. Yum yum yum. We headed back to house and just laughed. I laughed so hard I almost peed on myself, yes, very cute. Then we decide to go look around the city and just browse and people watch. It's so beautiful to see so many different kinds of people in the city, so many strange things happening, there's such a beauty in that.

We eat some more head home to watch stupid/funny YouTube videos. We enjoy some cantaloupe and frozen grapes (try it if you haven’t), then pee on ourselves some more. We kiss our goodbyes, very dramatically, and I head home. My hubby is finishing up his thesis (energy management), woohoo!  He does green energy, and I do reiki energy. I always find that funny, though I totally get it's not so humorous on outside, but I am a nerd, so yup-hilarious, and again laughing at myself, bigger dweeb.

I rush into the room to make it in time for my first interview with the amazing Macha. I spend time listening to music and moving around in spirals to get ready and get creative juices flowing for my interview. In the meantime, I can smell my hubby’s delish salad and Cypriot dish he's cooking. I am so excited to eat. Macha then calls in, I am pumped. She interviews me on my spiritual journey and my entrepreneurial journey, and I share tips that will be posted on I chow down, we chat about our day, kiss a little, laugh a little, and again I smile, grateful for another beautiful day.

My name is Christine and this is My Way

Christine currently lives in New York City where she holds space for women's magical transformation at Sacred Space NYC and continues to learn about the cosmos and healing everyday. You can read more about Christine and the healing services at Sacred Space NYC . Or friend her on or follow on Twitter . Goddess' mention that you read this here and get $10 off your first session.

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 "I rolled over and smushed my boyfriend".... really Christine? Get some class! Youve "smushed" enough guys!!!! How many dudes have you lived with in your 24 yrs of life? THREE GUYS WITHIN 3 YEARS???? ummmmm! TRAS BAG! STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN, HO!
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