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My Ten Day Juice Fast!

Posted Oct 24 2011 9:58pm

Day 1/10


This is my first juice fast EVER and I am super excited to see how my body and mind will feel during and after. I have heard and read that the first couple of days are the hardest but so far so good. I have not had any issues yet but the day isn't over yet I suppose. :)


Anyone have any stories, tips or recipes they'd like to share?! 



Day 4/10


It's day four or my 10 day juice fast! F irst and foremost, I feel absolutely AMAZING! The first two days I didn't feel "all there" and I was a bit hungry but now all of that is gone. I have a TREMENDOUS amount of energy and I most certainly feel a lot lighter. I am refraining from weighing myself until the very end so that I don't discourage myself but I am pretty positive it will be a nice turnout. :) 


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