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My Sister, My Friend–and EDS

Posted Oct 01 2013 11:25pm

"Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with." – Thomas Carlyle

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes – and Mysti is one of my all-time favorite (and most cherished!) friends.

Good buddies aren’t easy to come by. Good friends? Very rare. Friends who are like a real sister? Extremely rare – and priceless!

I’ve been friends with Mysti Reutlinger for more years than I can remember (since 2005, I believe – or even earlier?) She is the co-author of this blog, my business partner, my friend, my sister…

Over the years, we’ve become closer and closer. There have been ups and downs (not between us, just from life in general ). She had a preemie son, Simon, who is now 5. He is happy, as healthy as possible, and thriving. I am absolutely convinced this is because he and his brother have the best mother EVER. Oh, how she has fought to keep this little fellow alive and well!

And… let’s not forget that she lost a gorgeous son and battled breast cancer – and has still managed to find a way to smile, hope, laugh, live, inspire, encourage, and so much more. It’s amazing. I stand in awe…

Mysti also has a work ethic that exceeds most anyone I know. She has pushed beyond the call of duty (far surpassing the extra mile) on little-to-no sleep. And she’s worked through more than just average aches and pains – but pains that are literally debilitating.

Whether she was freelancing or working outside of the home, she has given her all – and so much more.

As strong as Mysti is, though, she has fought far too long on her own. She got to a point where no matter how hard she pushed herself to get through the day, it’s like she was on a hamster wheel and wasn’t getting anywhere.

It got to the point that she simply could no longer “make it” through a work day – even with superpower smoothies, juices, and pain medication.

Finally, she had to bow out gracefully admitting to herself and her job that she was no longer able to perform the duties required of her.

And then she found out answers to her pain and struggles: She was diagnosed with EDS ( Ehlers Danlos Syndrome ).

I hate EDS. It is hurting my friend and I hurt for her and with her.

I’ve watched as she’s continued to fight with all that is within her – emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially.

Mysti is NOT a taker – she’s a GIVER (in big and huge ways!). But she needs to find a way to pay for a gym membership and the funds to get there and back home.

I have done what I can to help her. I wish I could do more. Will you search your heart and share what you can with Mysti so that she can strengthen her muscles and fight this disease that doctors say will eventually take all of her mobility?

Mysti does not know I’m writing this. She didn’t ask me to. Mysti isn’t like that. Neither of us are the type to “beg for money” – but I think this issue deserves us to come together and help.

Knowing that she is walking a similar path as I walked in the past hurts me so very deeply – and it hits home – because I, too, have battled excruciating pain, sleepless nights, inflammation, mobility issues, and more, over the years.

I know the pain and frustration of it all.

Mysti is a bright and shining light, such a blinding beacon of hope and ray of sunshine on the web. She encourages and inspires everyone she comes in contact with.

Let’s pay that forward and bring it full circle.

Mysti also has a birthday this month. Let’s help her ROCK a new year!!

If you can only donate $5, it will add up. Even $1 will add up. Let’s join hands and surround Mysti and her boys with our love and support in every way possible. Let’s help Mysti help herself.


I want to see Mysti grow stronger and beat yet ANOTHER obstacle that she has faced in her lifetime.


You can read her story, watch her video, and donate HERE .


You can also purchase Mysti’s books. (Click the title of the book/link.)


You are NOT alone, Mysti – just hold out your hand and let us take it and stand with you!!!!


A Gratitude Course for Grieving Parents

gratitude journal

The Pantry Cleaner: Chemical Free Cleaning

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Disclaimer: The Amazon link to the book is an affiliate link. Not only will your purchase of Mysti’s book help her, but all affiliate sales of her book will go to her as well.

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