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My high raw life

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
Photo taken by sweetbeetandgreenbean

Transitioning to a raw diet was easy in some ways and more difficult in others. After being raw until dinner for just two days I no longer craved coffee. I also lost my appetite for dairy and sugar as well. Just by eating more fresh fruits and veggies I no longer craved some things that I wanted to cut out of my diet anyway. This was fantastic!

The funny thing is I always thought I had a pretty good diet. I didn't eat hydrogenated fats, I always got organic snacks, and I ate fruits and vegetables everyday. I never realized how much processed foods I was eating. Yes they were organic and made with good ingredients, but they were still processed.

It was however hard to break the news to my husband, he supported me but I could tell he was worried about it just a little. After all we both loved to go to restaurants and try new foods. We also liked to stay in once in a while and drink wine and cook together. How could we still do this if I was on a high raw diet?

Part of the reason I did not go 100% raw right away was because I still liked doing all that stuff. I wanted to have the option of eating what I wanted for dinner. I have only been high raw for 2 months and I must say I don't like cooked foods as much as I use to.

I think it was a good decision for me to take it slowly and be raw until dinner. Now I have a few days out of the week that I am 100% raw and some days where I will eat cooked food at dinner. The longer I eat raw the more I naturally don't crave some of the foods I once loved. Sometimes it's good to take things slowly.
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