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My Crazy Sexy Life: New Forum

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:50pm

Here's what I wrote for my first blog entry on my profile page at the new forum at My Crazy Sexy Life:

If I won an Academy Award, I would have to thank my juicer.

If you told me six months ago that I would now be enjoying a mound of veggies for breakfast each day, I would have thought you were losing it. My current juice fetishes focus on carrots and beets.

Since going raw vegan, I get into these taste delights where I love certain combinations of foods. My most recent one is avocado with sun dried tomatoes. The funny thing is, I'll have this once a day for quite a while and then poof, the next IT combo comes along. I'm trusting the body knows what the body needs.

I became raw vegan because when I saw Kris on Oprah, I saw a beautiful, strong, wickedly bright and sexy woman who was taking responsibility for every aspect of her own health that could be within her own control. It hit me right where I needed it: I knew I could not go another moment being unkind and uncaring to my body. I would now determine decisions by: Does this help or hurt my life, my health, my love of life? By some miracle of crazy sexiness, not only did I dive right into juice land and organic healthy eating (almost completely raw because that's what seems to keep my body feeling very very good), but my compulsion to overeat seemed to stop. IT STOPPED. It went silent. I have been an overeater since high school and suddenly, the thought of putting food in my body for non hunger reasons seemed like a ridiculous thing to do. So I stopped doing it!

Let's take a moment for the hallelujah chorus to cheer for that one!

Want to know the biggest change that has happened since I went raw vegan? Drumroll please. I feel really happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Content. On the edge of laughing at many given moments that aren't particularly funny. It seems the spinach, kale, apples, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, avocados, sundried tomatoes, zucchini, and all of their friends have made me punch drunk on life.

I started out complaining of a lot of aches and pains, terrible fuzzyheadedness where some days I couldn't get a clear thought for hours and hours, several migraines a month, terrible menstrual cramps, fat fat fat, cellulite of the textbook variety (yikes and yuck), horrible leg pains in the night, zits, brittle nails, and that's just my starter list. Within a week of eating raw vegan, it all changed. The greatest gifts right off the bat were: clear thinking and I gave up that totally unnecessary chin and a half I had been lugging around below my actual chin. This is so Wizard of Oz. We were all born with the ruby slippers right on our very own feet. There's so much we cannot control or determine but we really can do so much to persuade and direct our little cars on the big road-o-life, all by what we choose to eat, think, feel, and love.

After thanking my juicer, I honest to dog would have to thank Kris Carr for waking me up. That crazy sexy appearance on that little show known as the Oprah Winfrey Show, which I only happened to see by complete fluke, had me googling crazy + sexy + kris faster than you can juice a cucumber ( a crazy fast speed which I didn't realize until two weeks later when my Breville juicer arrived in the mail). And from there I saw that we are a society in a bad slumber, not recognizing the acute relationship between what we put in our bodies, and expose our bodies and souls to, and how critical that really is. And how obvious it really is. How can we put junk in ourselves in expect the machine to function properly? And what right do we have to do that to our selves? To our one body, the only body we have to dance us through this life?

Thank you Kris.

Time for my morning juice.

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