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My 90-Day Clean Raw Food Mission – Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Reboot™ – Update #3

Posted Jan 07 2012 5:00am

Ethereal Goddessness

Ahhhhh what can I say? I’m blissing out with my new life. I’m transforming and staying focused yet opened. Everything is awesome. Wonderful. Feeeeeeeling beautiful inside and out. I’m making changes like never before in my life and it’s exciting me beyond measure. I’m stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually. I feel like the there’s healthy pruning going on inside my head… especially with TV cleanse I wrote about in post #1 that’s slowly taking shape.

Don’t you love this picture? It was the card I selected from a deck back in the fall when I started thinking about the need for a transformation, knowing things needed to change in my life. I had it set aside until I noticed it this week! How friggin’ perfect, eh?

By the way, I’ve been getting awesome feedback and questions in the comments of both posts ( #1 and #2 ) so far… be sure to check them out as I’ve answered questions, etc.

OK! Things I’m working on and noticing the past few days… 

  • Conscious Chewing. Seems many of you can relate to this sentiment when I wrote about it in the last post. I’ve since chewed on the thought of chewing better and came up with conscious chewing as a way to think about it. Meditation is becoming a regular part of my day, but I don’t yet have a designated true time for it. Rather, I practice it while Kamea naps or breastfeeds (if I’m not doing other things like working), while doing enemas (I’m at the point now where I’m really enjoying them and I meditated for the first time while doing one this week), and… while CHEWING! What I’ve realized is that chewing and mindfulness go hand in hand… I’m making it a meditative experience and conscious chewing is working. When I actually just focus on the chewing, I take time out for myself, it calms me and slows me down, which (oh by the way) is important for digestion. It’s a practical form of mindful meditation. It becomes an anchor for attention much like people use their breath and mindful breathing to meditate. What a great way to fit meditation into your life becauce you need to eat anyway.

Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Reboot Lifestyle JournalThese take a bit of time to prepare and track… so I ask you… are you finding them helpful? If you could take them or leave them, then I’ll reduce the number I write or perhaps give fewer details. Tell me… do you like them? Do you prefer details like the list of ingredients in the various foods I make or does it suffice to just list the name of what I’m eating?


Greg: (for those of you wondering, he’s about 172 pounds and 6 feet tall): Herbal tea, Green Orangesauce, grapefruit, Kale salad, Tempeh Lettuce Tomato Avocado Hummus sandwich, cup mushroom soup, protein shakes, steamed broccolini with raw dip


Spicy Chopped Salad "before" picture

Spicy Chopped Salad "after" picture

Greg: Spicy cucumber Dandelion smoothie, herbal tea, protein shakes, Green Orangesauce, Swiss chard salad, Zucchini orange soup, Chipotle (vegan) burrito

What exciting blog posts are yet to come?!
  1. My post on enemas!
  2. Specifics of recipes we’ve been enjoying!
  3. Irish moss! (what is it, how to use, etc… possibly a video)
  4. My teeth cleaning protocol!
  5. My beauty ritual!
  6. New appliance reviews!

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