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My 2010 Vision Cards

Posted Dec 28 2009 12:00am

Visionboardjul07 Vision boards, vision books... visualisations, affirmations... Like me, you may have tried or enjoyed them all, but this year, for me, my 2010 goal setting and new life creation is all about Vision Cards.

Now, the concept of Vision Cards may very well be new to you, because I hadn’t heard of them either! In fact, the closest thing I’ve seen is something shared with me by one of my business clients earlier this year - she makes mini montages of vision boards but on postcard sized pieces of card. They look amazing!

Where Vision Boards are different is that they are not only inspirational but they’ll also hold you accountable – the perfect self-coaching tool. I’ve found that Vision Boards on their own tend to work slowly over time, but with no concrete goals or actions tied in to them they can remain just a picture on a board for weeks months, even years before they become a reality... and sometimes they simply don’t, because they stayed a picture on a board.

Want things to be different this year?

Then, you need to know what you want and have a plan you can put into action to get there!

1)    Decide on a specific and measurable goal you want to accomplish by the end of 2010. Write it down, make sure it is both things, so you know what you are aiming for. E.g. “I want to lose 14lbs of fat from my body” or, “I want to reduce my credit card debt to zero”.

2)    Find words, images, and anything else that inspired you and speaks to you about your goal. Choose only the best and most inspiring items.

3)    Cut a piece of paper or card in half to create two large postcard-sized pieces. Each one will become a Vision Card.

4)    Stick your chosen words and pictures on to the front of your Vision Card in  way that gets you super-excited and carries the energy of what it is that you want to create. (Tip: It’s generally better to focus on the positive aspect of your goals – i.e. having a slim, low BMI body, rather than something negative BUT sometimes the negative can work better for people, so think which works better for you).

5)    On the reverse of the card write or print the specific steps you will need to take to reach your desired goal. Ideally these will be “baby steps” so that they feel do-able and achievable. For example, “Replace breakfast with a green smoothie at least 3 days of the week”.

6)    Repeat the process with all your big 2010 goals – don’t create too many though or you’ll feel overwhelmed.

7)    Keep all your cards together somewhere safe and easy to get to. You should love to look at them and feel excited by them every day. Make a point of checking in with each one first thing every morning and tick off at least one action step per card per week. More is better!

In no time at all your goals will have become realities AND you’ll have loved the creativity of the process.

Want to know what my Vision Cards are for 2010? Keep reading!

Karen’s Vision Cards 2010

Let’s start with a little background first : )

2009 has been, without a shadow of a doubt, a life-changing year for me. I worked hard – harder than perhaps ever before in my life, but I also played hard too, and feel I’m leaving 2009 a better person as a result of all of these things.

With so much accomplished in 2009, I decided that for me 2010 is going to be a year of solidifying, fortifying, home-making and book writing. It’s about making great what’s good, taking more time to enjoy my life outside of work and, the one thing I’m especially excited about, finally making my “big time author” dreams come true.

Self-Care & Beauty (Includes health, fitness, exercise, clothes and anything to do with the way I look and feel)

Relationship (What do I want? The answer to this question has been changing for years!)

Music & Dancing (A recommitment to clubbing and dancing or rebounding to funky music daily just for the fun of it)  

Finances (Time to save a deposit for my first house and buy it by the end of 2010)

Connection to God (I know this is where the greatest joy, love, peace and everything else I could ever want rests. 2010 is about creating a regular practice and communication with The Big Man in The Sky)

Home (Until I buy my own home then I’m all about making my current one the best it can be and getting super-organised within it)

Luke (I always make sure that Luke [my son, 7] has a great life, but 2010 is about being more structured around what I bring his way especially in regards to his personal development, diet and teaching him about money)

Raw Food (This year I’m evolving my diet – stay tuned as I’ll be writing more about this in future posts)                                 

Big Holiday (I want at least one 7-day holiday somewhere hot and sunny this summer just to “do nothing” – hmm! - and get away from it all)

Buying a House (I want to spend Christmas 2010 in a beautiful new home, in Ely, Cambs)

My Car (I want to keep the model I have as I absolutely adore it, but change the colour from blue to red)                                        

My Office (We’re changing the way we’re doing things here in a LOT of ways, going from great to awesome – that’s the plan!)       

Marketing Person (Looking for someone who is brilliant online and offline who can take some strain from my in-tray and also pursue new avenues of promotion) 

Book 1 (Secret titles for now!)

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4         

My Computer (Time to re-organise the one I have and look into switching to an iMac – thoughts/experiences anyone?)         

So that’s my cards! Pretty wide-ranging, but being a coach I am well versed in not only goal creation but goal achievement, so let’s see how many of these I can make happen before June 2010. (I'm intent on them all happening by 31st December 2010)

Now it’s your turn!

Are you creating Vision Boards, a Book or Vision Cards this year? Something else maybe?

Please share, and also anything about what you want for yourself in 2010. I’d love to hear it!

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