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Moments in Thyme . . . Who Took the Safe out of Safekeeping?

Posted Dec 28 2009 6:40am

By Joyce Wiatroski

I’ve come to the conclusion that once one reaches a certain age there is no such thing as putting something away for safekeeping.

For several years now, things I’ve put away for safekeeping have become so safe they’re never seen again. Have you any idea the time lost searching? The utter frustration?

The taxing turmoil of turning the place upside down? Not to mention the discouraging defeat of facing the consequences of losing an item.

I’ve gained a new respect for those folks who just pile things up on the kitchen counter, the dining room table, or the bedroom dresser. At least there is a good chance of finding what you’re looking for. Just dig through the piles.

Woe to the neatnik who compulsively picks up! And do I ever learn? Well, not so far.

I was gifted early in December with a copy of O Magazine — the one with Ellen on the cover? It’s a neat issue and it might have actually paid for itself if I hadn’t been so anal.

In that issue, Hallmark ran an ad with a $5 off coupon for greeting cards with an expiration date of 12/24/09. Wow, what a deal! I carefully tore the little coupon along the perforations and, I know — you can see this coming, right? I put the coupon away for safekeeping!

I hunted high and low — so sure I would have put it in my purse to have handy when out shopping. But no, it wasn’t there, even though I looked multiple times! As if the more I looked in the same places, the better chance I’d have of finding it. After all, how many places would I have put a little coupon?

December 24th came and went and today, December 26th, as I swished dust from one surface to the next, I found a little stack of “items of interest” tucked away in the bookcase. Stuff we should toss when it comes in the mail, but that holds just a modicum of interest encouraging us to put it aside to look at later. Though later rarely comes.

There sat the $5 Hallmark coupon—in the place of honor—top of the stack! Completely worthless. Yet, even with its value now void, finding it offered a small bit of comfort and consolation.

Is this just another manifestation of old age, brain cells dying off producing more memory loss? Will a supplement help? More green juices? Or perhaps I should attempt to change my anal ways before my expiration date arrives?

I’ll try to come to grips with the realization that things are only things. And I’ll tell
myself it’s okay to leave some things out on the counter in plain sight. A place guaranteed to provide safekeeping! And you know what? Even if we do forget some things as we age, and misplace others, overall we’ll continue to manifest . . .

Like fine wine, women grow better with thyme.

Joyce Wiatroski is the wit and wisdom found on the foodiefumblings blog.

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