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Moments In Thyme . . . Take Aim with These 6 Steps

Posted Jan 08 2010 10:27pm

By Joyce Wiatroski

“In the long run, we only ever hit what we aim at.” — Thoreau

Reading that Thoreau quote really had me thinking about the steps necessary to reach a goal. How important it is to consciously aim, to set our sights, to make a plan, to dream of success, to go for the gold! Otherwise, we’re only kidding ourselves that our lives will change for the better.

With the start of a new year, we hear so much about resolutions, new beginnings, and fresh starts. Most of us have good intentions that this year will be the year for real change in our lives, whether it’s shedding pounds, eating healthier, exercising regularly, spending less and saving more, or clearing out clutter. The well-intentioned list of resolves sounds great on January 1st, but where will we be come December 31st?

As most of us know from past experience, the follow-up often falls short before we reach the finish line. Yet, if we don’t at least try how will we ever succeed?

Here are six suggestions to help with staying focused on the road to achieving our dreams.

  1. Make a plan. Write it down. Set realistic goals, both short term and long term.
  2. Start with an easily achievable short term target – take baby steps.
  3. Develop and practice consistency — repeat those little steps.
  4. Seek support. Enlist a friend; find a mentor.
  5. Don’t let a lapse derail you. Remember, each day is a new day.
  6. Keep singing, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” Believe you will do it!

If it’s true that we only ever hit what we aim at – then to achieve our goals and dreams we need to develop a plan, and keep our eye on the target. We mustn’t be afraid to adjust and re-adjust our aim if it will allow us to go the distance!

Getting to the finish line begins with making a start, then following through, one step at a time. That’s certainly doable for all of us.

Let’s take aim at our dreams as we continue to manifest . . .

Like fine wine, women grow better with thyme.

Joyce Wiatroski is the wit and wisdom found at the Foodiefumblings blog.

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