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Mangosteens - Queen of Fruit

Posted Dec 06 2009 2:20am

- as seen on my blog



This beautiful fruit contains such an explosion of taste.
Score the top off of the mangosteen to expose the succulent inner fruit.
It tastes like a sweet, sour juicy lychee/strawberry/ apple.


Notes on Mangosteen:
* native to South-East Asia but the best ones are from Thailand
* used to treat inflammatory diseases, diarrhea, dysentry
* treat skin infection, wounds
* used to control pain, fever and headaches
* high in fiber, calcium, iron, and thiamine
* the purple exocarp juice may stain skin or fabric (be careful! it stained my white top!)
* Rarely seen in Nth America because of import ban (the asian fruit fly could endanger crops)
* recently gaining notoriety for MLMs selling this as a miracle, cure-all (except cancer) juice

One of the reasons why I LOVE living in S.E.Asia.
I usually buy them by the kilo. And they are so cheap. Less than 1000 JPY.
The best thing is to keep them in the refrigerator. And then dilligently score the tops off to expose the meat.
Take a little fork and sit in your garden or patio and enjoy!

p.s. I wouldnt give them to my dogs, though. But Bella looks very keen on some here.

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