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Posted Sep 14 2011 12:00am


This is one of the most simple and delicious raw cheese recipes you’ll ever make. Perfect as a side dish, in a salad or spread on crackers. Just yummy! 


Food Processor OR Hand Blender

2 cups of raw macadamia nuts
2 cups of cashew nuts
Juice of 1–2 lemons (depending on sweetness and the amount of juice)
1 clove of garlic
½ cup of pure water


1.  Process the nuts first, ensuring they are broken down to a fine powder.

2.  Add the lemon juice and garlic, and process again, ensuring everything is mixed as well as it can be.

3.  Add water as you blend to create a more easily spreadable consistency. Stop before it gets too runny. It needs to be semi-solid.

Raw Coach Top Tips:

  • Any leftovers can be spread on crackers, or crumbled into a salad. Alternatively you can mould it and shape it anyway you wish. One suggestion is to cut it into small cubes and spear to create the traditional cheese and pineapple party classic.
  • You can add all sorts of ingredients to this to get a different flavoured “cheese”. How about red bell pepper for a sweet cheese? Or sundried tomatoes for a salty one? This will carry a lot of flavours really well.
  • If you have a cheese addiction it may be that it’s actually a salt addiction masquerading as a cheese addiction! A lot of people love the saltiness of cheese but don’t realise this, so try adding a tiny bit of healthy salt to this recipe if this sounds like you.
  • Add additional water to turn this from a “cheese” into a runny dressing or dip.
  • Keeps for 5–7 days in the fridge.

© 2011 Karen Knowler WOULD YOU LIKE TO USE THIS RECIPE IN YOUR EZINE OR ON YOUR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach publishes "Successfully Raw" - a free weekly eZine for raw food lovers everywhere. If you're ready to look good, feel great and create a raw life you love get your FREE tips, tools and recipes now at .


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