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M&M's and Potato Chips, it's what's for dinner

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:40pm

Cows naturally thrive best on grass, but because it's too expensive to raise them that way, most cattle ranchers have moved exclusively to corn, (most of which is genetically modified).

Not only is corn cheaper, but feeding cows corn makes them gain weight faster and also makes the beef fattier. Sure it makes the cows more susceptible to disease, makes their bones crazy weak and removes what little nutrients the meat has in the first place, but boy do you get a lot of beef! Bottom line, if you factory farm cattle, you love corn.

But now corn is becoming too expensive and farmers are looking for other alternatives to bring the cost of raising cattle down.

[Video] How about M&M's Potato Chips?
(thx Sarma)

Yes, corn has become so expensive that some ranchers have moved to feeding their cattle junk food. Can you even call M&M's food?

I wonder if anyone ever stopped and thought to themselves, "Does it seem weird that we're feeding potato chips and M&M's to these cows and then selling the meat to families who trust us?"

Probably not.

When you're not focused on improving your own health, really improving it, you rarely think about the true effect your product it will have on others. Or, for that matter, if your product is actually contributing to the suffering of the planet, animals and human beings.

If you're a worker at a cattle factory you're just doing job. If you're an owner or an investor you're just doing your job. Everyone's just doing their job, and if you eat beef, even occasionally, you're just doing your job too. Luckily your job (yes you) is the most important of all. Without your vote, your vote of the dollar, the system comes crashing down.

I expect things getting crazier. Crazier than cows eating M&M's? Yes sir! Not only is all this craziness a bi-product of a system that's unsustainable, but it's often the only initial way to get people to pay attention.

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