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Losing Control–and Taking it Back!

Posted Oct 14 2013 1:12am

It starts with a taste, just a small bite. You still have total control. You go on about your business and you’re satisfied. No problem, right?

And then it’s like the Pringles commercial – you can’t have just one. So the next time someone offers you a cookie or donut hole, you have a couple. After all, you haven’t eaten all day, maybe you haven’t been to buy fresh produce and you’re overworked, overstressed, and exhausted.

So, what’s the harm – right? Only it IS harm. WE are harming ourselves, our health, our future.

These little crumbs and bites here and there add up and before we know it – boom, there is no real control anymore. We aren’t controlling this – it’s controlling us.

This is what happened to me.

See, about 13 years ago, that was me – on the left, at about 300+ pounds. Mind you, that wasn’t even my largest. I don’t have a “true before” because I wouldn’t let anyone take my picture!

I was so overweight and so sick at that time. I’d had to have a complete hysterectomy due to cancer and I suffered numerous other health issues. I was on a loooooooong list of medications and shots and had several surgeries.

And I was getting worse.

beforeafter150 pounds

That before photo is why I started this site. I felt so hopeless and like I was destined to die morbidly obese and ill. My blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. were through the roof.

My doctors said I was headed for the grave, that I wouldn’t live to see 30 years old.

I was literally on my death bed. I didn’t think I could make it – but my mom wouldn’t give up on me and I began studying what heals the body – and discovered the beautiful calling of juice fasting and all its many benefits and joys. I also took herbal tonics, cleanses, and teas. 

And I’m here to tell you:


It took me about 3 years to lose 150 pounds and get to the after photo and I kept that weight off for about 10 years.



And then nibble, nibble, nibble… got me here.

nathan and me

Oh, I could kick and scream and cry and blame someone or something – or everyone and everything. But, it’s all me. I made the choices that got me here, overweight once again and with flared up Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia symptoms – and my bad back is pitching a fit and bringing me to tears pretty much daily.

I have still kept off a little over 100 pounds all these years – but now I need to lose about 40 of it one more time.

To hold myself accountable and just show the universe I do have guts and WILL reach this goal, I’ll go ahead and share my current weight: 190.

For this weight-loss journey, I’m not going to focus on a certain size or specific goal weight – so I won’t be weighing myself; I don’t even own a scale.

Instead, I’m going to focus on how I feel when I wake up in the morning and how much energy I have throughout the day. I’m going to focus on my pain levels and how well I can manage the symptoms.

I’m going to focus on getting to a place where I feel happy and healthy. If that is the size 8-10 at around 150-ish pounds like my after photo above, then wonderful.

But if my body comes to a screeching halt at a size 12 and 160-ish pounds this time, so be it. I will love and accept myself at that very size and moment.

And who knows, I may end up at 140-ish – or even less – by some divine miracle and lots of hard work. Winking smile

We shall see.

Now that you’re going to hold me accountable, I’ll follow this post up with my game plan. So… stay tuned!!!

I leave you with this inspiring story I came across tonight on Facebook (via the Natural News Blog). It’s about a woman, Rosemary Fletcher, who went from 305 pounds to 120 – and won the battle with MS – by changing to a raw vegan diet. Her transformation and enthusiasm is beautiful!!!

Have you nibbled your way to a place you aren’t happy with, like me? I say we can dig deep and reach our happy, healthy weight!! What do YOU say?

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